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  1. So Cideous are you soon to retire? If not, run for president of your state organization and be the one who makes the change. It's too bad your state leaders are not listening. I fear for the new PA grads and the future of the profession too.
  2. How many days a week do you work? You have 12-15 hour shifts so if you work 3 days a week (which would be full time) then you have lots of free time to heal from the abuse you are getting from your job. At least it sounds sorta abusive and under -utilization of a PA. Do you have a contract? Can you go to your supervisor and talk about your dissatisfaction with the job and ask for other opportunities? You would need to figure out how to approach that type of conversation. Such as: You are ready for increased responsibilities and growth, would like to do x,y,z, etc. Good luck, it will all work out eventually. Also, you need to find some good friends.
  3. I was 47 when I graduated PA school, been working for 15 years. No regrets. You gotta take life as it comes and forge ahead. Your medic background and experience is perfect for getting in your health care hours for PA school. Learn all that you can from fellow medics and the PAs you meet at the ER. Make the networks now and it will help you get in PA school with recommendations from your supervisors, medic friends, ER colleagues or physicians and PAs you rub shoulders with. Stop obsessing and see the opportunity before you!
  4. Wisconsin is in year 4 with our legislation for OTP. It is hard grueling work and very frustrating. Politicians are weenies who are afraid to do what is right for the people of the state and wait to make decisions until they hear what the God Almighty Powerful Hospital Association (GAPHA) has to say. We are pulling our hair out but keep plodding forward. The GAPHA is dragging it's feet with getting together with us once again but we will prevail. AAPA is funding us to get OTP. So at least they are behind us and working with us. They have grants available for states who are pursuing OTP. Give them a call. Call your CO liaison.
  5. He has dementia. He's confused about the TSH like he was his first year in medical school until he figured out the feedback loop. We remember primacy and recency. So he remembers studying the TSH feedback loop from his initial confusion when he was 23 and now in the most recent years he remembers the homeopathic stuff he has "studied". How old is he? Has he gotten lost driving? Does he repeat himself again and again? FH of AD? Go talk to him directly as others have said and then go to administration if he blows his cork. His reaction will give you a clue where his brain and memory are at and the stress he can and cannot handle. This is said somewhat tongue in cheek but I am also serious.
  6. Hopefully they push you out and not require you pay back the loan.
  7. Doctorate of Medical Science in Physician Assistant Studies. I hate that designation. What is physician assistant studies anyway? We need a new DMS title that does not include physician assistant in its degree.
  8. I don't work in UC. I do work in a private practice cash/contract clinic. We are busting out the seams since patients come to us for help when it takes 3-4 months to get in to see their providers. We do order MRI for selected patients and have access to medical records from the 2 large health systems in the area. So if I order, it would be with careful selection and I do the required PT/ NSAIDS/ xrays,etc. I send orders to Smart MRI however as patients appreciate the lower cost, especially those without insurance. We've not had a problem with patient paying for their services either. It's all good. I'M NOT RUINING YOUR UC
  9. If I had a patient come in to UC and ask for an order for an MRI for his neck for longstanding radiculopathy, I would order the MRI. But I would send the order over to one of the Smart MRI companies that charges a much lesser cost to the MRI than what the standard corporate medicine facility charges. At least you might get a good PG score for helping them save money on the MRI. Don't forget to send the results to the neurologist or neurosurgeon and their PCP!!)
  10. I personally am supporting Beth Smolko and Jennifer Orozco. Beth has been a PA leader and was the one who first started the collaboration resolution back in 2012 or 2013 thereabouts. It passed the second year at the HOD. She is fully in support of title change and we should all read her platform statement and listen to her video. I do not think she will take an adverse result from the WPP title investigation survey. I support her because she will look out for our profession and has a fresh idea and good skills to navigate us to the future. She is running for Pres Elect I support Jen Orozco for BOD as she has been strategically improving practice laws in Illinois and help beat down NCCPA when they sent a lobbyist to Illinois to defeat the Illinois PA Academy efforts for law modernization. It was an interesting time for sure. SO we have a few go-getters and focused candidates in Beth and Jennifer. Vote for Beth Vote for Jennifer
  11. So you are saying the parts in BOLD are deleted and the non bolded areas will be the legislation? It's good for Texas PAs to maintain their ability to read and interpret and act on radiological studies. Texas still needs full force OTP as it looks like PAs are still considered mid-level providers and TMB looks like they are pretty old-school. I think Texas should go for independence practice like North Dakota just achieved in their OTP bill.
  12. https://ndapa.mypanetwork.com/physician-assistant-news/582-passage-of-hb-1175 Here is the announcement.
  13. Kps: Google ND HB1175. I found the original bill but couldn't find the final reading of it. It was signed by the Gov. If you find it post it here and on Huddle, Facebook pages, etc. We need to shout this from the housetops. Or you could email the ND- PA chapter President https://www.legis.nd.gov/assembly/66-2019/documents/19-0736-01001m.pdf https://www.legis.nd.gov/assembly/66-2019/bill-actions/ba1175.html
  14. This is fabulous! It passed the house and senate with 100% yea votes. PAs...we are on our way! Congrats to North Dakota.
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