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  1. Call Michael Power at AAPA. His number is at the end of the article. It is so frustrating that CMS takes so long to make any changes. It is an example of a behemoth government gone awry with power, IMO.
  2. Back to contracts......My company sent me a new contract to sign (two weeks ago)after I requested to work .9FTE last January. It took them 8 months to get the request to contracting. I was supposed to have signed it by September 1. I didn't sign because the new contract was not updated with the new company name on it and we just got the official notice that my employer is no longer MHC but is now AHC. Plus the contract said my compensation would be based on the new .9FTE, work hours based on .9 and all other purposes including PTO time. I emailed back asking for clarification regarding compensation and PTO and need to know how it will change September 1st? Are they reducing what I still have left in the pot? I already was approved for my vacation in Oct, two CMEs this fall and medical time off to attend a family members surgery. Can I still take that time and do I have enough hours? Every day I eagerly log in to my email to get a response to my questions. Nada. This is what happens when the powers that be no longer are present at the clinic/hospital, instead have been let go, administration is completely in shambles and the contracting office is 5 hours away. I am just a name and a number. @SAS5814: I will get my questions in writing first...hope yours all works out!
  3. That was in 2016 and perhaps we can get Governor Walker to do likewise for PAs for October. October 6 is traditionally PA recognition day. I'll post the idea to our communications team and see if they would be willing to ask for a similar declaration.
  4. Where did you see Gov Walker's post about NP appreciation day? I'll google and see what I can find out. Maybe it's in celebration of Nurse's day? I'm bringing the nursing act proposal up at our Advocacy committee meeting tonight.
  5. Let us know how it all turns out. Rest, my friend!
  6. White jacket with business casual. Family Practice PA. I wore scrubs when I worked UC and ER, rarely white jacket then, cuz you all know what color it is by the end of the shift.
  7. I say, I'm Paula, I'm a PA and will be taking care of you today (that's to the new patient who got squeezed in to my schedule). IF they ask what is a PA, I say: PAs have a masters degree in medicine and I see you are here today for your extra long nose hairs and were seen in the ER a couple of days ago. LOL! At the end of the appointment they say: Thanks, Doc. You're the first doctor that's ever taken time to listen to me about the saga of my nose hairs. I say: I'm a PA so you still can't say a doctor has listened to you. To my regular patients: Hi, how are you???? What's new and hows the weather, I haven't had time to even look out the window today! How's your grandson's studies going at Harvard? Cool!!! What can I help you with today? Then the appointment commences. Then they give me a hug and say You're the best doctor i've ever had.
  8. I'm aware of this and it is proposed to be in the nursing sections of their practice acts. The PA Council got wind of it and tried to work with the nursing board and was told that the way our law is interpreted means that nurses can no longer take an order from a PA since a PA cannot delegate any work to another person if it was a delegated act from their SP. It is convoluted thinking as PAs are listed as primary care providers and if it actually gets written in to their nursing laws PAs will have another battle to face in WI.
  9. Andrew: I had a similar schedule when I first graduated and kept it up for about 7 years, and did it to help kids through college, pay off my debt, and my mortgage. By the time my youngest finished her first year of college and decided not to return, I gave up all my part-time ER jobs, settled into one job then. I cannot tell you how much better life was when I decided to stop the locum work. I did not realize how exhausted I was, lost contact with friends, marriage was fine since he was working a lot too. Having weekends off made so much difference to my mental health and well being. You will not realize what impact your work schedule has on you until you make changes to it. You could at least stop the volunteer EMT and see if life/work/fatigue improves.
  10. $45 way too low. The urgent care PAs in my group are paid $75 an hour and are employees, get 401k, CME of $2,000, malpractice, (but no vacation..they have to work that out amongst themselves). They all work at least 3 12 hour shifts a week. Even our new grads are paid the same.....seems unfair, but that is how my system works. (New grads, however, likely not to be hired as readily as an experienced PA).
  11. Dear WI PAs:As our state is getting set for MSL/OTP we need all hands on deck. If you are not already involved please message me about how you will join WI Academy's efforts. I will position you into a committee or task force where you will be able to use your skills and local influence and still maintain your work/life balance.It's fun and rewarding.ThanksPaula HavistoWAPA Immediate Past President
  12. I would say yes if you have not seen them as a patient, documented in their chart and they get billed for your services. You can check out the WI DSPS site. You can search for discipline orders (against any type of provider) and see what the MEB has disciplined PAs for. Some is for prescribing for family w/o any documentation of a note. I regularly check it and then it reminds me to stay focused and think about patient safety and to not ever get disciplined. Not a fun time for anyone.
  13. I've voted and you have my vote. I met you briefly at LAS in 2016, I think. You were still a student and I saw your potential for leadership. Hope you get in!!!
  14. Prescribing to family and friends can be outside of the PA scope depending on state laws. I never do it and do not write any notes or prescriptions for family or friends. I do give medical guidance to family who call (usually my kids or nieces/nephews/ and my siblings) and they know is is not a diagnosis of what I tell them. My final words are: Go see your medical provider, and please pick a PA if you have no provider. With electronic records it is nearly impossible to prescribe or write a work note as the EHR requires one to log in and put the patient in context. In my system, if they are not registered as a patient or registered as actually being at the clinic, I can't write a script or work note. Plus, we no longer keep any paper script pads around for anyone to snag and take home with them.... if any are tempted.
  15. The LMU program has been discussed on AAPA's Huddle months ago and I think we discussed it on the Forum months or a year ago when it was first proposed. Initially it was just for Tennessee . Not sure if that is still the case and if a graduate would have to practice in TN. My guess is the legislation will languish for a while in committee or be sent for further study. I can't imaging the TN Medical Board actually supporting it. It seems a bit like the Missouri plan for the Assistant Physician designation for unmatched Medical School resident.