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  1. Elderly gentleman who told me his story of sexual abuse as a child. It was awful and he ended up having PTSD, alcohol and psychiatric problems. He never told anyone. He cried and I cried.
  2. My plan is to master watercolor and I'm in process. I just sold a painting today. I start teaching classes at the city parks and recreation department in June. I'm taking classes from master watercolor artists - local and nationally known. I have 1.5 years to retirement, maybe earlier. Someday I will be famous and you can all say "I knew Paula on the forum, wish I would've bought an original when she was just a novice!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  3. My husband became dependent on alprazolam. It was prescribed when he had a panic attack while driving a shuttle bus. This was in the early 1990's before I was a PA. There is a family history of anxiety and alcoholism in his family. He needed escalating doses and his physician was more than accommodating. When I went to PA school I learned about the BZD's. It took us a long time to find a physician who would taper him and one in fact said he would but wrote for even MORE tablets in the tapering schedule. I challenged that and that physician soon retired (wonder what he was taking?) My DH got put on an SSRI finally by a physician who hated alprazolam and the BZD's and by about 2010 he was off it and on his SSRI. I often wonder if my husband's long term use of alprazolam impacted his diagnosis of early onset Lewy Body dementia (along with his addiction to diet Mountain Dew and the crap in diet drinks?). Consequently, I rarely prescribe BZD's and have long discussion with patient's about counseling, SSRI therapy, alternate treatments for anxiety , and do a really in-depth history of SUD in my patients.
  4. Right. It's important to get the full history of the patient and to gain their trust so they CAN discuss what is really going on in their lives. In today's healthcare we do not always get that history adequately or at all. Our smart phones do not have an app for that. Rev, you did the right thing and had the right moment to counsel her. You have probably made her want you to be her PCP.
  5. My first undergrad degree was from North Dakota State University in Fargo. It's not a bad place to live out on the prairie with the winds whipping across the Red River in winter.
  6. If we actually get the title Medical Care Practitioner, I know I will end up saying Medical Practitioner. SO will our patients. And to the other issue: Independence: There is nothing wrong with independence. NOTHING. It's time for the PA profession to be independent. We are not children. North Dakota pretty much got independence. They did. It's good.
  7. I calculated conservative estimate of &125,000 a year with a 40 hour per week schedule, plus the bonus and procedures ( both estimated very conservatively). The down side is there is no 401 K or retirement, but there is dental, health insurance, optical insurance offered as benefits, we pay 1/2 the premium I think if we take it. I don't work enough to take the health insurance. I have other type of coverage. But all services here are at 50% reduced rate for employees and family members. So I just had a CBC, lipid panel, CMP and flu shot all for the one low price of $80 after the discount was applied.
  8. I make $40 base hourly salary, plus either $10 or $20 bonus for each patient based on their employer contract (or no contract) with our clinic. Then on top of that is I get 1/2 the charge of procedures which range from $40 per procedure up to $80 per suture if a laceration or I&D. My potential income at full time would be really good, plus I could work as much as I wanted, 50 hours a week or more. No thanks to that much work......I did the 50 a week as a new grad for about 7 years to help get kids thru college..... We have openings too. I'm in Wisconsin .
  9. I make less than the range listed so you will need to lower it for next year. I am working about 25 hours per week on a hourly salary plus bonus for production. I've only been at this new job for 8 months and had gaps of time where I needed to be off due to husband's health. I checked off the lowest range. I think I'll end up with around average only 70,000 for the year. A 60,000 drop from 2018. I'm ok with that. Looking to retire in a year or two and part time suits me well.
  10. P.S, Our legislation is in two committees now and we are waiting for a hearing from each, but the legislative session is winding down or finished, so we may end up having to wait for next year to get a hearing.
  11. Thanks, we have done our due diligence and have both of those papers and reports and a boatload of others. She is meeting personally with a group of PAs so hopefully they will be able to answer her questions. Our lobbyist and his team have spoken with her too. I suspect she is under the influence of the physician groups that are opposing us. It's been a long and hard road.
  12. WI is in the middle of our OTP legislation. We got a letter recently from one of the senators who will not cosign on the bill. She has many questions: Like: what proof do we have that we have training to make INDEPENDENT decisions? So in spite of a massive education of our state senators and representatives they still think we are assistants not capable of making independent decisions. New title OTP Independence
  13. We need OTP and then independence, we need residencies or fellowships to compete with the NP's. (who are developing fellowships for NPs...my friends newly graduated DNP daugther is in an ER fellowship in Cali). They are looking at FP fellowships to further align with PA training. So we need independenct and fellowships/residency/ or true bridge program to physician for all PAs now certified and let us all grandfather into physician and phase out the PA profession.
  14. Here's another one: PAoctor. I mean DNP's are Noctors. Can't we be Paoctors. While we are making up names thought I'd throw this in. Or Proctor!!>> LOL. or Poctor!
  15. If you read the fine print of the survey you will see that these may not be all the options or the options at all. There may be more. It is to gauge our perception of the titles.
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