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  1. No, none has but Michigan achieved "partnership" with physicians, and deleted the supervision and delegation language from their laws. They can obtain their own DEA without linking it with a physician license. PAs must have partnership agreement at the practice level in order to practice and prescribe, but don't need to file the agreement at a state agency. (This is to the best of my understanding from the emails I get from MAPA, I still have my Michigan license but not currently practicing in MI).
  2. Do you have a good lobbyist and strong legislators who will help? I would suggest sending the article to your Washington Medical Association and ask to have it published in their newsletter. If they are supportive of WAPA they should publish it.
  3. Washington PAs need to organize their troops and work at undoing the damage caused by the opinion piece in the commission newsletter.
  4. I think part of the bigger equation is where was Jim Anderson when the Washington MQAC approved the FSMB resolution they wrote to support OTP for PAs? He sits on the commission. You can see the agenda from their January 2018 meeting on their website and the resolution was approved. (It has now been withdrawn). Was he part of the discussion? The FSMB resolution was a perfect segue for PAs to continue to promote OTP and we would have had a powerful organization behind us if that resolution would have gotten to the floor of the FSMB national meeting (coming up this month I think). The Washington MQAC is made of up all MDs and 2 PAs. They passed the resolution (with some edits requested). The AMA got a hold of it and alerted state Medical examining boards and were lobbied to all oppose the resolution. I am hopeful the AAPA will support the FSMB and the Washington MQAC in the next go-around. Washington Academy of Physician Assistants edits to FSMB Resolution 18-3 2018.pdf
  5. AAPA is helping WI with our OTP effort. AAPA offered grants and we applied and got one. The money is being utilized for grassroots marketing for our legislative push. We just got it not too long ago so are still in the process of defining how we want to spend it. It is controlled by AAPA and we work closely with our state CO liaison who is doing a great job with our efforts. We have been working with him for 3 years now. He has been able to come to WI at least twice a year to help us, has met several legislators, works with our lobbyist and our advocacy committee and Board. I believe AAPA really wants to see another state implement OTP and are putting their money behind those states who applied for the grant funds. We are hoping to start the next wave of OTP states.
  6. P.S. If I remember right, the Washington Medical Quality Assurance Commission was the organization that developed the Federation of State Medical Board resolution to request the FSMB to support OTP. In the resolution was the word "independent" and a request to allow PAs to take step one USMLE. It caused a huge controversy and was a bit problematic for those states who are working toward OTP. I do not understand the disconnect there by Jim Anderson if it was in fact WMQAC who submitted the resolution to FSMB. It has been withdrawn now and we may see it again in a year or two. I do know it was not the Washington Medical Association who sponsored the resolution.
  7. I would love to see the letter written by Rev published on the Huddle. It's disturbing to get the email about the removing of the post right before I went to bed last night. I did not think anyone was being disrespectful and the conversation was not inflammatory. Was it a snowflake response?
  8. Paula

    WZ up WI PA's?

    Hi Todd, I did meet you at the Spring Meeting briefly before the student bowl. I hope you enjoyed the meeting and please keep coming. Join us on any WAPA committee...we can always use help and ideas. Paula
  9. We got rid of PG due to the invalid scores and low response rate from patients. Our administration kept dogging us to tell every patient to pick up a survey and score us high. I just couldn't hawk myself like that and never did. We have a new satisfaction survey now and I got my results a month ago. Dang.....I had many fabulous reviews but there were two that were so horrible, I thought I must have turned into Satan, and am now sitting in from of him with a pass to hell.
  10. The NPs who agree to work with PAs on the regulatory and political level will advocate for themselves to regulate and supervise the PAs. That way, since the NPs are doctorate trained they will be positioned to take over the supervisory role that physicians once had. The physicians will love it. NPs will make "supervisory" fees and will want all PAs to learn the way of a nurse brain. Then we will all eat our young together.
  11. OTP has left the barn and is in the process of being introduced in a number of states. I'm surprised that anyone is surprised about OTP. We've (AAPA and pro-active PA's) have been working for this for the last 3 years.
  12. I will be in my art studio painting away. I took a 40 year break from my first love of art and am in the process of catching up.... BOY, do I have a lot to learn!!!! And it is so much fun!!!
  13. Paula

    Is this even medicine?

    Reading this thread is better than watching the Super Bowl. The last couple made me laugh til I cried.
  14. This will take a couple more years for sure. As you all know something worth working for takes time, effort, gonads, persistence, passion, perseverance, and a meeting of the minds. So Stay Tuned. Resolutions are not due yet to the HOD so no one will see them until a few weeks or so before the AAPA meeting in May. That's the rules. In the meantime start discussing this with your state chapter delegates to AAPA. If they are in the dark about the title issue you can provide an educational session for them. Encourage your state chapter to support. The only way PAs ever get anything accomplished is when state chapter members roll up their sleeves and work for the future. I expect by the time this all passes and states start to modernize the title I will be retired. But it will be worth it.
  15. Paula

    BSN to PA to NP?

    Drop nursing school and take O Chem and physics. Stop wasting your time and money on your plan. It's idiotic. Go to Medical School.

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