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  1. Why would a drug company put a benzo into a polypill of a statin, beta blocker and an aspirin? Answer: To reduce the anxiety induced by statinitis.
  2. Mom and Pop? Husband and Wife? Maybe just offer to buy the practice and hire the physician to be your employee so you can call the shots. Not the mom and pop calling the shots.
  3. I'm pretty sure they think you are a medical assistant.
  4. @Nucmed2PA: On Wisconsin indeed! I was the first graduate of the Wisconsin Distance Education Program in 2004. I'm still going strong, passed PANCE first time , and PANRE twice. It's not a bad thing. I live and work near my home community serving the underserved, rural and disenfranchised patients where there is a lack of qualified practitioners. I'm saving lives and performing miracles while I'm at it. Chuckle. LOL. Yale will produce a good quality PA.
  5. I'm going to take a stab at why there are different titles for the MPAS (which by the way is the worst title other than the title Physician Assistant). I think it is related to the Universities and schools of medicine that house PA Programs. They are full of red and blue tape, very political, and some have a masters degree in medicine which is offered to pre-med students who needs an extra year of school so they get the MMSC (Master of Medical Science). I read that somewhere...... ARC-PA and PAEA need to knock their heads together and come up with an appropriate title for the masters program and it should not have the words physician assistant in it. I like Masters in Medicine or MMSc of Master of Science in Medicine. I believe Western Mich Univ originally was a Bachelor of Science in Medicine when it was BS degree.....right??
  6. There is no point to the PANRE. PANCE should be permanent certification that allows us to get a permanent license, just like physicians never have to retake their USMLE. If you are in a specialty and take the CAQ then take it for your job protection and if you go to a specialty and need to take a CAQ, then do it. CAQ does not necessarily need to be through NCCPA. For example: Certified Diabetes Educator for endocrinology practice where the PA focuses on diabetes suffices for a CAQ. Headache specialty allows a test for PAs....voila...a CAQ. Family practice and general internal med doesn't need the PANRE, just CME in the area of FP/IM. Let's work towards full OTP in each state and put in our rules that there is no requirement for recertification for licensure and the the initial PANCE is sufficient to qualify us as permanent certification. Each state PA board determines the amount of CME required for license renewal. The NCCPA eventually becomes only a body that provides the PANCE and CAQs, but become obsolete for PANRE, as it is not their function anymore. Let's squeeze them out of PANRE business.
  7. I'm breathing another sigh of relief. I took PANRE in 2016 and am on the 10 year cycle. Will be retired by 2026. No More PANRE for me!!!!! I dodged the bullet.
  8. I had a patient like this today. labs are pending and I did not think of GERD. Hmmm.....will see her back in 2 weeks.
  9. sas: After OTP passes in the first several states you could develop a company that goes to every health care institution and consults with them on how to fill their open slots with PAs.
  10. Call Michael Power at AAPA. His number is at the end of the article. It is so frustrating that CMS takes so long to make any changes. It is an example of a behemoth government gone awry with power, IMO.
  11. Back to contracts......My company sent me a new contract to sign (two weeks ago)after I requested to work .9FTE last January. It took them 8 months to get the request to contracting. I was supposed to have signed it by September 1. I didn't sign because the new contract was not updated with the new company name on it and we just got the official notice that my employer is no longer MHC but is now AHC. Plus the contract said my compensation would be based on the new .9FTE, work hours based on .9 and all other purposes including PTO time. I emailed back asking for clarification regarding compensation and PTO and need to know how it will change September 1st? Are they reducing what I still have left in the pot? I already was approved for my vacation in Oct, two CMEs this fall and medical time off to attend a family members surgery. Can I still take that time and do I have enough hours? Every day I eagerly log in to my email to get a response to my questions. Nada. This is what happens when the powers that be no longer are present at the clinic/hospital, instead have been let go, administration is completely in shambles and the contracting office is 5 hours away. I am just a name and a number. @SAS5814: I will get my questions in writing first...hope yours all works out!
  12. That was in 2016 and perhaps we can get Governor Walker to do likewise for PAs for October. October 6 is traditionally PA recognition day. I'll post the idea to our communications team and see if they would be willing to ask for a similar declaration.
  13. Where did you see Gov Walker's post about NP appreciation day? I'll google and see what I can find out. Maybe it's in celebration of Nurse's day? I'm bringing the nursing act proposal up at our Advocacy committee meeting tonight.
  14. Let us know how it all turns out. Rest, my friend!