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  1. The only ad I saw was for the EPOCH times, a news organization that is attempting to bring the news to Americans without bias. Not partisan. I almost wanted to subscribe. This is the nature of You Tube....different ads run all the time from both sides of the aisle...we can't control the ads. The meeting wasn't about FOX news or You Tube or the ads. It's about the power Nurses have and the clout they have to garner a meeting with President Trump. We are just crumbs, guys, just crumbs.
  2. A letter to CMS and Azar to suspend all CMS rules applying to PAs and authorizing direct reimbursement and autonomous practice permanently would sure help the nation. If it takes a pandemic for the powers that be to realize supervision is not needed, then so be it. I agree telemedicine will take a new turn, hoepfully PAs are fully certified and credentialed to provide TM.
  3. There are certain members of congress who should isolate themselves permanently.
  4. I'm purposely deciding not to panic. My clinic has no capability to do anything for patients, no way to test. It's not in WI yet but can't be too far off since there were some cases in Illinois. I'm sorry, but I just don't get all the fuss and bother about this. It's a virus and it will kill some of us and that is what happens. Same with the influenza. Humans can't control the virus. We can control what we do though. So wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, stay away from crowds, wear a mask if needed and don't touch your face. I did however find a bargain for vinyl gloves at Walgreens and bought 2 boxes of 200 so I have enough to use for caring for my husband and stocked up on his incontinence supplies. I live in a bubble, by the way. Work 3 days a week and then home and can't get out much. C'est la vie and que sera sera
  5. I recall that practice that insist on getting the full reimbursement rate by having the physician stick their head in the door of the patient room (likely doesn't meet criteria to be able to bill....kind of a fraud setting, in my opinion) actually lose money because it slows down the whole process. Those that bill for PAs with the 85% rule make more money. I think AAPA Center for Health care leadership might have some information on this and can present it to hospitals, etc.
  6. I worked for a faith based organization....the largest catholic health care organization in the world....and they sucked the life out of me. I thought it was so ironic that the catholic holidays like Good Friday was not a holiday or time off for half a day like it was before the big organization took over our small local faith based clinics and hospitals(which were great!). Also their mission statement did not apply to any employees so mercy, justice and heal the sick were just lip service. Sad, sad, sad.
  7. I wonder how much longer it will take before a mass protest takes place in front of corporate medicine offices and providers walking off their jobs and picketing? Will it come to this? It is so sad so many of us have been turned into the hamster running on the wheel. I am happy to be out of the hamster cage and at a job working part time on my terms, and at a clinic that does not take insurance. It is a dream and took about 6 months after working at this type of clinic to recover from the corporate brutality. When will we see the tide turning back? Ever?
  8. I think what is interesting in Wisconsin is there have been a number of bills submitted by the hospital association that the Sate medical society opposed. The bills were opposed because it was an expansion for PA/NPs to be able to sign DNR orders and to also be able to declare incompetency. The Med society said it was unsafe and we are not qualified. Anyway, the bills passed and the Society puts out a notice to their members that they still are concerned and that a patient still can have the right to ask a physician to sign their Advance Directives (which was not part of the bill). I laughed when I read their memo. They have been our biggest detractor for our current bill but because we were well organized we have prevailed. I think there is something to be said that the Med Society is losing it's relevance in WI as it appears they only care about "their turf". The Hospital Association leaders get it and have supported us. Also, about lobbyists: In WI Democrats tend to support nursing/medicine and Republicans tend to support PAs/rural issues/access to care and deregulation of laws that no longer hold any common sense. It's been an interesting ride for sure. Our main lobbyist is a R, one of his co-horts is a D and the other I don't know affiliation. Our lobbyist knows how to reach both sides of the aisle with his team, a blended approach and it has been successful.
  9. Scott, Thanks GOD for PAFT!!! I hope our membership increases.
  10. OH, My! I did not realize I copied more than my last post. Oops!
  11. A HUDDLE thread was closed and I was the last commenter. I was disappointed since I was hoping to see a few responses. Here's my post and what do you all think will get us to OTP fastest? WIll it be the leadership at the top of AAPA....a CEO? This has been an interesting read. A few comments from what I determine comes from my simple mind. A few things still need to be in place for full OTP for states (in my opinion). AAPA needs to hire a competent CEO who understands PAs and has connections with the big players and can be effective with them....i.e.. AMA,FSMB, CMS, the VA, PAEA, ARC-PA, NCCPA and etc. Once that is accomplished I am hopeful the AAPA will put in place a strategic plan to accomplish the eventual (AUTONOMOUS - i.e. INDEPENDENT practice for PAs - or for political correct sake: Full Practice Authority). Each of our AAPA Presidents that we elect will need to carry the goals forward during their time in office. It is important that we elect the appropriate leaders to our national academy. I believe in the last 4-5 years we have made a seismic change in our AAPA Presidents and as each new one takes the helm we have gotten a step or two forward. We need strong HOD delegates from each state who will continue to put forth resolutions that will project the profession to modern medicine practice. We need to fund our state and national PACs. I just donated to my state PAC again. Get out your credit card and donate to yours! Then donate to AAPA PAC. Some states do not allow PAs to practice medicine by their legislation. For example: In WI our law states state we practice healthcare under the supervision of a physician and provide health care services. Our legislation , should it pass, will changes that language so we are under the definition of the practice of medicine. North Dakota essentially has AUTONOMOUS/FPAR to the best that I understand their legislation. They can be the springboard to getting full OTP/FPAR for other states. SInce they are a rural state I think they were successful in getting their legislation passed. SO next step is to have AAPA work with the other rural states: UTAH? WYOMING? SOUTH DAKOTA? ALASKA, others? As the dominoes fall in those states, so will they for the others, just like the NPs got their March for independence started. We should expect pushback from organized medicine and also take a look at the long view of where medicine is going. Will the pendulum swing back where physicians regain their power over the practice of medicine? I don't know? Will the educational systems alter their course of education for medicine and nursing to be a blended type of degree...i.e. PA/NP have a type of medical degree similar to a physician and Primary Care becomes ours? I don't know. PAs at all levels will need to have the education about what OTP is and how it will benefit them. I am still surprised how many have NEVER heard of it. These are just random thoughts I've had over the years. We are all in this together. ------------------------------ Paula Havisto MS, PA-C Family Medicine PA Neighborhood Family Clinics La Crosse, WI ------------------------------
  12. Awesome history lesson on residency. The term could be changed to clinicals.....but then the nurses would have a cow.
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