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  1. Start now, nothing is impossible. AAPA will also need to change their title too and should be able to do it once this all passes, which won't be until 2020.
  2. I hope FAPA takes the bill and runs with it. Independent practice is not an awful thing, it is a beautiful thing. FAPA: Do not shoot yourselves in the foot. Run with this, run, run, run to the finish line!
  3. TAPA should oppose and get TMA to oppose unless PAs are included.
  4. In regards to non-members, they absolutely are encouraged to participate. They may or may not already have an account with AAPA. If they know their login information, they can simply login and follow the instructions provided on the TCI web page www.aapa.org/tci. If they aren't certain or know they do not have an account, they can call or email Customer Care. That team is ready to assist as needed at customercare@aapa.org or 703-836-2272, option 1.Thanks again!------------------------------Donna NogayAmerican Academy of PAsVP MarketingAAPA Liaison to WPP------------------------------
  5. https://www.aapa.org/news-central/2019/03/pas-virginia-attain-collaboration/ Will this clear anything up for you? I hope it opens.
  6. AAPA has funded our legislative efforts (via a grant we applied for) and sunk a lot of money in our state org, is helping us get Federal Trade commission opinion on our legislation, our AAPA liaison has come to our conferences and worked tirelessly on helping write our legislation, and has supported WI. We asked, we got an answer and they came up to the plate. If you don't ask how will they help your state? Cideous, thanks for contributing to AAPA, your dues helped us.
  7. First 4 years out of school: sole provider on a reservation, doc 75 miles away, rural practice in a trailer house clinic. No docs, was a great job. Next 3 years: walk-in clinic at a rural CAH, no doc ever worked in the Walk-in and I was sole provider on my scheduled days. Never once did the SP ever work in the clinic or step his foot in this part of the clinic. I loved it and avoid doctors as much as possible. Next 3 years: Back on the rez (different location, doc on site, rarely needed to consult with him), and was the head medical lead when he was off every Friday. Loved my Fridays being the boss Next 3 years that brings me up to today: Jumped into larger corporate medicine type of job with rvus, metric, satisfaction scores, feeling like a hamster, made a lot of money, completely autonomous and SP said PAs are as good as doctors. Burned out and now moving on to a cash only clinic that does not take insurance. Can't wait.
  8. It's sad that doctors get hammered. Isn't it dangerous to drink on the job.....they should have been fired.
  9. The other sad thing about this is I and one other PA in my system are actively promoting and advocating for new legislation and getting others involved was a failure. The PAs are just in la la land and just put their heads down and work have no concept or awareness of the demise of PA profession. So Army Vet Dude: run for president of your state org and be the change. you can do it. I'll coach you.
  10. What did you say to them? Any defense? It sounds as bad as when I invited my local Rep and Senator to visit our clinic to highlight PA's on PA day. (This happened about 3 years ago). The whole event got kicked up the admin stream and they decided to highlight the NP Hospitalist program. The physician who developed it said that PAs can't work in hospital medicine. I literally gasped out loud in front of the physician, senator, representative, hospital administrator and other administrators and said out loud "That;s not true". It rattled the physician and afterward I pinned him down to clarify that PAs work in hospital medicine and ALONE in rural areas. An outright war started that day and my new employer was the enemy. So for 3 more years I have promoted the PAs, got telemedicine rules passed when the docs were going for it and we got PAs included, got my org to not limit some positions to NP ONLY positions, and now the WI Academy is soon to submit our legislation for OTP. The sad part of this all....for 3 years they keep calling me an NP, I got my credentialing letter with NP behind my name. I have spent 3 years trying to correct this and now have a severe identity crises going on after today's provider meeting. Gosh darn it, the slide they showed about the number of medicare annual visits we were behind on had NP behind my name. Again I blurted out....".I am a PA, a PA please stop calling me an NP, I've been saying this for 3 years, you just tripped my trigger". The clinic manager quickly corrected the slide, but in the end they don't really care. And my last day of work there is in 3 weeks anyway. Dang it, who am I?????
  11. Virginia just got collaborative practice passed. I sure hope the final approval of the bill doesn't still require co-sigs. Does anyone know?
  12. Not surprised. When I have to do a physician to "physician" review for a prior authorization I often realize the physician I'm talking to is a retired dermatologist or pathologist or some odd other specialty, and they just follow protocol. usually it's for an MRI or for a particular drug, and they ask me questions about the patient and they don't have the patient record.
  13. wdtpac: It's a 2 year process. This year WPP is to have a report to share with the HOD and then in 2020 will share their final results. So it seems the next step is the survey that will be sent out at the end of March for all of us to answer. My sense is the survey results will be one of the reports they will have ready for HOD this year. . I'm assuming they will share the initial research they did too. Then in 2020 they will make their recommendation and we will have to vote on it and decide how to direct the AAPA BOD to implement whatever we decide. So, in my mind, if WPP recommends no title change the question the HOD will need to answer is : How many members will AAPA risk alienating if we get no title change and is it the end of the profession as a viable medical profession? Will we be supervised by NP's since we are assistants? ( I will remain hopeful for title change and will be anxiously waiting to hear the 2019 HOD report)
  14. The patient who comes in (again) for multiple complaints of fatigue and wants a full work up (again) and says "I know it's not my PTSD, depression and anxiety and don't you dare suggest I see a counselor". Full work up is negative (again). Patients finally calls back weeks later and asks for a referral to mental health (so maybe the patient will finally become healthy!).
  15. have you ever just put them in a hot shower or bath?
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