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  1. Boy, I would have like to have been that NP and gotten the 100,000 payout. Sweet. Corporate Medicine is sour.
  2. On another similar note to the question of laws where patients have the right to see a physician: When they say to you "I want to see a real physician" do you explain to them you are not a fake physician, not a physician, you are a PA, a real PA, not an NP or a fake NP or a real NP. Our description of things is so odd.
  3. Whenever someone calls themselves a nocturnist I get the vision of a possum hanging upside down in a tree asleep. Don't know why......
  4. My only concern would be how are your services being billed? If under your own NPI number then all is good. But if your company is trying to bill the medicare patients under "incident to" billing and there is no physician on site, you are in trouble. Unless medicare did away with incident to...which I doubt has happened yet. I like working without a physician on site. It just seems freer and liberating.
  5. A nurse practitioner will get the job. Congrats to GMOTM for your retirement.
  6. Interesting and it sounds like a good plan. Now we need to convince our patients to jump on board with a holistic approach and taper off those opioids if they really don't need them.
  7. I'm with Rev on a faith based cost sharing plan. So far it's been good and I've not needed to trigger the cost share. I work for a clinic where all my visits are half price, including labs. An office visit is $39 (we are a $39 office visit clinic). We do not take insurance. We have a large client base and it is so good to work with the staff. We are practicing medicine....kinda like the old time family doc clinic. patients love it and they come here even when they have insurance and get quick access plus low cost labs. We see a good number of patients from the other 2 large health systems in the area . In fact, patients get their lab orders sent over to us so they can save $$$$$ on their labs. They still need to see a provider here. We also have low cost US ($100 per exam and interpretation) and xrays $125 per xray includes interpretation). Its a good deal
  8. I think what is really interesting is the NPs are starting to stop using the phrase independent practice. It's another new word smithing exercise going on in that world. Maybe they are now focusing on the Full Practice Authority phrase which is not new. Ditching independence phrase is another way to convince legislators that FPA is the way to go. Nothing wrong with that. PAs need FPA too and will get it at some point . I will be long retired as I have only 2 years to go before I retire or maybe less.
  9. If this is signed into law it will help PAs go for the GOLD when the NPs do. I am not a Cali PA.
  10. f SB 697 is signed by the Governor, PA practice will be streamlined by removing a number of administrative barriers, including ending a Delegation of Services Agreement with a specific physician. Like NPs, instead, there will be an agreement in place with the practice. This agreement may be as broad or narrow as the practice deems appropriate based on the education, experience and competency of the PA(s). This is a much more effective and careful way to ensure that PAs and physicians are providing the best care for their patients. Additional requirements will also end, such as the requirement that the name of a physician appear on your prescription – like NPs, and the elimination of the requirements for chart co-signature and medical record review – like NPs.
  11. So Cideous are you soon to retire? If not, run for president of your state organization and be the one who makes the change. It's too bad your state leaders are not listening. I fear for the new PA grads and the future of the profession too.
  12. How many days a week do you work? You have 12-15 hour shifts so if you work 3 days a week (which would be full time) then you have lots of free time to heal from the abuse you are getting from your job. At least it sounds sorta abusive and under -utilization of a PA. Do you have a contract? Can you go to your supervisor and talk about your dissatisfaction with the job and ask for other opportunities? You would need to figure out how to approach that type of conversation. Such as: You are ready for increased responsibilities and growth, would like to do x,y,z, etc. Good luck, it will all work out eventually. Also, you need to find some good friends.
  13. I was 47 when I graduated PA school, been working for 15 years. No regrets. You gotta take life as it comes and forge ahead. Your medic background and experience is perfect for getting in your health care hours for PA school. Learn all that you can from fellow medics and the PAs you meet at the ER. Make the networks now and it will help you get in PA school with recommendations from your supervisors, medic friends, ER colleagues or physicians and PAs you rub shoulders with. Stop obsessing and see the opportunity before you!
  14. Wisconsin is in year 4 with our legislation for OTP. It is hard grueling work and very frustrating. Politicians are weenies who are afraid to do what is right for the people of the state and wait to make decisions until they hear what the God Almighty Powerful Hospital Association (GAPHA) has to say. We are pulling our hair out but keep plodding forward. The GAPHA is dragging it's feet with getting together with us once again but we will prevail. AAPA is funding us to get OTP. So at least they are behind us and working with us. They have grants available for states who are pursuing OTP. Give them a call. Call your CO liaison.
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