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  1. I personally am supporting Beth Smolko and Jennifer Orozco. Beth has been a PA leader and was the one who first started the collaboration resolution back in 2012 or 2013 thereabouts. It passed the second year at the HOD. She is fully in support of title change and we should all read her platform statement and listen to her video. I do not think she will take an adverse result from the WPP title investigation survey. I support her because she will look out for our profession and has a fresh idea and good skills to navigate us to the future. She is running for Pres Elect I support Jen Orozco for BOD as she has been strategically improving practice laws in Illinois and help beat down NCCPA when they sent a lobbyist to Illinois to defeat the Illinois PA Academy efforts for law modernization. It was an interesting time for sure. SO we have a few go-getters and focused candidates in Beth and Jennifer. Vote for Beth Vote for Jennifer
  2. So you are saying the parts in BOLD are deleted and the non bolded areas will be the legislation? It's good for Texas PAs to maintain their ability to read and interpret and act on radiological studies. Texas still needs full force OTP as it looks like PAs are still considered mid-level providers and TMB looks like they are pretty old-school. I think Texas should go for independence practice like North Dakota just achieved in their OTP bill.
  3. https://ndapa.mypanetwork.com/physician-assistant-news/582-passage-of-hb-1175 Here is the announcement.
  4. Kps: Google ND HB1175. I found the original bill but couldn't find the final reading of it. It was signed by the Gov. If you find it post it here and on Huddle, Facebook pages, etc. We need to shout this from the housetops. Or you could email the ND- PA chapter President https://www.legis.nd.gov/assembly/66-2019/documents/19-0736-01001m.pdf https://www.legis.nd.gov/assembly/66-2019/bill-actions/ba1175.html
  5. This is fabulous! It passed the house and senate with 100% yea votes. PAs...we are on our way! Congrats to North Dakota.
  6. You have to be an AAPA member to be on the Huddle. You can use your same log in as you do for AAPA site. If you were on it before just log back in and read the 100 postings about the title change investigation.
  7. thanks for clearing that up, Scott. That means the WI ACEP chapter will likely oppose our bill. The discussion has been had with them by our President and they seemed supportive. We are getting prepared for the groups that will oppose us too. I sure hope CAPA prevails.
  8. What? CAPA is opposing OTP? Are you kidding? When you say CAPA are you referring to the California PA Association?
  9. I just left the corporate medicine world too and will never go back. I'm starting in a private family practice clinic that is cash only and contract patients (employees and family members of businesses the clinic contracts with). I hope it is better and start next week. On a side note I had this thought that in 20 years or less we won't need stethoscopes or clinics or nurses, or labs or tools of the trade. We will just need to go to a kiosk and an assistant (a PA) will stick an electrode on your chest and there will be an instant read out of an EKG, Chest xray, labs, scan of your brain and arteries, check for the DVT, check the B/P and temp, check for the triple A, and all the other things that could go wrong. Anything that is wrong you will get a ticket and go stand in line like you do at the DMV or Social Security office and then be seen by the "doctor". Not sure who that will be...…..Dr. George Jetson, I guess.
  10. I vote yes. AAPA needs someone at the top who truly understands PAs. And supports us and is aggressive to the max in support. There is history in my answer that I won't divulge but we need new leadership at the top. And BTW, this topic on the forum has already been texted to me (while I'm in the middle of across the state move) so it is amazing how fast it gets around.
  11. WI is on the threshold of submitting our legislation. We are firming up our sponsors. Rhode Island submitted theirs last month so the list is getting longer and longer.
  12. What if the objective data is to convince those of us who want title change that it's really not needed? Title change is not a for sure thing....and was stated so in the video they sent out about the survey...... I really don't care about any one else's opinion on title change except for PAs and PA students. Who else would care? I know in WI the big docs stakeholders don't care if re re-title our profession.
  13. I got the survey today and just finished it. It was long. Took me at least 40 minutes. You will answer lots and lots of questions that appear to be a data gathering endeavor. I guess I should have expected to be part of data gathering. Your opinion on title change comes at the very end. It was interesting, weird, and a bit confusing to me. Maybe it's just me but I am interested what others think of the survey. Apparently it will come out in batches every few days and the end of the survey is near the end of April.
  14. I got snookered when I wrote a work note for a few days off due to my patient's shoulder pain and she was a CNA. I faxed it over to her employer and sarcastically said to my MA/RN team, I bet she will be on her snowmobile this weekend even tho she has shoulder pain. Yup. She rode her snowmobile, crashed it, hurt her back, went to ER 2 days later, got morphine (Only God knows why they gave her morphine), came to me in follow up and wanted a refill. Nope, I asked her why on earth she felt she could get a note off of work and then get on her snowmobile???? She got red and flustered and that was the end of her asking me for anymore time off or refills of narcotics.
  15. I would not turf to pain management. I have a few patients like that.
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