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  1. I was wondering too but I haven't heard anything yet.
  2. Thanks for responding! I heard that too. I will probably buy an ipad for school
  3. This is a question for current students. I was just wondering if you guys recommend getting a laptop to take notes on during lecture or if you recommend getting an iPad to see the slides more easily and to take notes on it? Thanks!
  4. nope, all i received was a post-interview survey invitation. the packet they gave us said they would notify us by march-april, so we have quite a bit of a wait
  5. thanks fallon!! looking forward to meeting you too!
  6. My GPA was about average (their website lists 3.47/3.56 as the average) but I think my GRE is what really set me apart. I got 96, 98, 90 percentiles for the different categories. They also brought up my essay during the interview which makes me think it was pretty memorable. My HCE hours were pretty low, so I think I had to compensate in the other areas. As far as volunteer experience goes, I did have quite a few hours volunteering at a hospital, as a phlebotomist at a free clinic, and as a tutor/mentor for underprivileged kids in my community. Basically, your goal is to have above their minimum requirements in every category. If you know you lack in one area, you definitely have to compensate in others. Good luck!!
  7. accepted!!! so excited to start school next year!
  8. I saw the accepted checklist but I also called just to make sure. Congrats and good luck everyone!!
  9. blondesparkle12, thanks for the helpful advice!! i'll definitely take that into consideration. congratulations on getting accepted :)
  10. @remiller congratulations! @fdamico thank you! i see that you both got accepted! any tips for the interview? i've been reading over replies in the forum but i was wondering if you have any other advice since you both have recent first-hand experience with the interview. thanks in advance!
  11. I got an interview invitation last month for December. I am so nervous/excited, especially reading about these acceptance posts!
  12. I'm taking it at a community college in California and I'm applying to schools all over, but mainly on the west coast. CA, AZ, TX, NV etc
  13. there's a note on that section of caspa that says to not include any high school honors
  14. I had a question about whether or not it's necessary to list ALL pending courses, even if they're not prerequisites. For example, I'm enrolled in pharmacology for the summer. It's not a prerequisite for any school but am I required to still list it? Does it look bad if I have too many pending courses?
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