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  1. Hello all I just graduated and am filling out the application for state license. I just wanted to confirm which portions to fill out. So I only have to fill out the "application for license and or examination" and "CCA" form. If someone can confirm that I would really appreciate it. Another question I had was where it says "specialized training" number 7 part 3 do I list the clinical rotations that I did as a student? And in part four "record of licensure information" do I write down my previous profession information? I used to be a phlebotomist. Thank you
  2. Thank you for your response; you're right you never know who's reading the paper and how they'll think of religious beliefs stated within it. I'll get to revising it. Thanks again.
  3. He came downstairs, staggering yet he was not drunk. Struggling to make his way to the couch, he slowly made his way using the wall as an anchor. He wasn't speaking nor was he calling us. My mother was in the habit of rubbing his feet due to the long hours he would stand at work; not receiving any response from my father this time she became worried and called me. My father was not responding, his health had deteriorated considerably. Never had my immediate family gone through anything like this. We seemed immune to any health issues. My father's obsession with tobacco had changed everyone's l
  4. Appreciate all the replies, My overall gpa is 3.6 and science gpa is 3.4. And I have about 40 hours of shadowing.
  5. I was wondering if I can get some feedback from you guys regarding if I should apply this cycle or not. I've completed my GRE, I received a 156 math, 150 verbal, and 4.5 essay I have three rec letters: one from the head of a lab where I did my phlebotomy internship, another doctor who's now a teacher and a PA that i've shadowed. What's making me doubt my chances is HCE. I've volunteered at an ER for 130 hrs and I completed my phlebotomy internship for 120 hrs. This is all I have when it comes to working with patient or being in a hospital. I've tutored kids/adults for years in di
  6. Science gpa 3.4 overall gpa 3.6. I have no paid hce, though I'm going to applying for phlebotomy program and will be finished by the end of summer which will give me those necessary hours. Thanks
  7. After starting late on the components of application for different reasons, I’m hesitating in applying this year. I’m hoping if I can get some feedbacks from those who are on this forum. My stats are: GRE: 150V, 156 Q, 4.5 Essay (expecting/hoping for an increase in score in the V and Q at least 5 points) Rec letters: 1 from Vice Principal, 1 from MD (turned high school teacher). Volunteer hours by Dec 1st deadline (not extracurricular): 80 works at ER - Hardly any, I know Shadowing: 9.5 hours (1 MD, 3 Pas) – General Surgery (expecting at least 10 more by application deadline)
  8. After reading a number of personal letters on this forum, I noticed that most have written regarding their experience with either a sick family member, assisting those in dire need, etc. I have not had any experiences of those kind; I have however met someone who I work with who left the medical profession to pursue his passion (teaching Mathematics - has Masters from Oxford). And that individual has inspired me to pursue what I feel passionate about (pa). Would this suffice? Keeping in mind I will be writing about my experience shadowing PAs, volunteering at a local food pantry, etc. I'm a
  9. I'm having trouble finding PAs to shadow; thus far I've shadowed only 1 for two hours. Everyone else has either not responded to my request (via phone, email, even facebook) or can't because of patient confidentiality. I know several MDs who would let me shadow them, should I go ahead and shadow them? How do schools look at shadowing MDs (i've seen several students shadow them in the "stats applicant page"? Would it matter if the person is related to me or not? If anyone does know any PAs that would be willing to let me shadow them, plz let me know. I'm in the Chicago land area. Thank
  10. I had a question regarding volunteering. I've just started volunteering at Advocate hospital in the ER unit. The main task is to direct/take visitors to their family members in the critical care unit, and sometimes transport those who need critical care in wheelchairs into the unit. This is the crux of the experience. What category would this be placed in? Is this sufficient? What else can I do to get patient contact considering I don't have any healthcare certificates (ie. CNA, PT aide, etc). Thank You
  11. Hi, There are several schools that I want to apply to and they have different deadlines. If I submit my application, is it finalized for only the school with the current deadline or is everything finalized? For example, deadline for Midwestern is 10/1 while Rosiland is 12/1. Let's say I e-submit it for the Midwestern deadline, can I still add stuff (HCE, Shadowing, etc) for my Rosiland deadline?
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