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  1. Hello :) Regarding your specific question, I am not sure which numbers correlate to the most current year. However, if it is not too late, I would get away from packrats and use materials that are more conducive to passing the actual test. Packrats are a waste of time.
  2. Cannot wait to share my story with you all soon!! But for now, I am selling the PANCE essentials that, without a doubt, helped me pass. Did not utilize these the first time around. Second time, sailed through and with these materials, you'll be gold with 2-4 weeks of focused studying. Private message me for details... 2 Qbanks: Kaplan and PAEasy. PAeasy, expiring soon, and was GREAT regardless of all the BS I read about it on this forum. Perhaps, it's improved since some of these people used it. USMLE and NCCPA Comprehensive Review Books PLENTY of materials from TWO separate live
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