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  1. So, an update from friends who own a "Direct Primary Care" (DPC) ("concierge" to some of you) clinic in NC focusing on nutrition, lifestyle and complementary medicine, along with allopathic options: "We have not fully opted out since Provider A occasionally picks up urgent care shifts. I could opt out, but like the idea of being able to pick up shifts somewhere that takes Medicare if I need to. Basically, with direct primary care, as long as you don't bill for a Medicare billable service, then all is good -- hence the alternative terms we use for an establish care visit. If we accidentally bill someone for a medicare billable service (say a blood test, procedure, etc) then we would not be Kosher. That's why we bill labs through LabCorp or Quest or whatever. As direct primary care is picking up steam nationally, we likely won't have to play this silly game too much longer. DPC saves the entire system, including medicare buckets of $$, so eventually it will not be so difficult for us." So, it sounds like you don't have to opt out completely to still be Kosher, so long as the services you provide to a Medicare patient could not be provided elsewhere and covered by Medicare.
  2. Thanks y'all for your input. Many of the questions you're asking here are the ones I asked myself when this came up. I have some MD friends who own a practice that doesn't take insurance. I'm waiting for a reply from them about the "rules" as they understand them; the way the document reads that Paula found, whatever applies to them applies to all "practitioners" Oh, the federal government...
  3. Hi folks, I heard a disturbing comment by a fellow student the other day, and since CMS is closed and I can't call right now, thought I'd throw it to practicing professionals: Q: If a PA works in a clinical practice where Medicare/Medicaid/private insurance is not taken, then said PA moves to a different job where the practice does accept these insurances, Is it TRUE or FALSE (and can you show me documenation?) that this PA cannot bill for Medicare/Medicaid services for 2 years? I suspect something got lost in the translation; maybe paperwork to become a CMS-recognized provider takes awhile, but 2 years? That seems crazy to me. Any thoughts are very much appreciated. I will practice in NC. I wonder if this is a specific NC rule. I'll call the NCAPA and AAPA during business hours to confirm. Or CMS, if I have hours to wait on-hold for a human being to answer my question... Thanks L
  4. Agreed! It is thorough all the way around. Have plans to contact and find out more; will share whatever I find out.
  5. CHS had a core set of fellowships back last summer and seem to be adding one or two options every few months. My impression of this track is a strategic move by CHS to get ACPs trained in their method (so to speak) and build a very broad and specialized workforce to meet "growing demand" amongst rising pt population. Great business move for them, and possibly great news for pas and nps...if the compensation is competitive (signing bonus is nice) To PAs in practice; what are your opinions of the fm and im options? Just in general...
  6. Hi folks, Curious if anyone here has been through/applied/is enrolled in the CHS fellowship program. If so, I would appreciate the chance to pick your brain. Please pm me if you're willing to discuss your experience. Also curious what people think of their UC and FP tracks? Compared to high acuity settings, these seem less "necessary" than advanced training but I am drawn to them nonetheless. Thanks much.
  7. Hi folks, Curious if anyone here has been through/applied/is enrolled in the CHS fellowship program. If so, I would appreciate the chance to pick your brain. Please pm me if you're willing to discuss your experience. Thanks, L
  8. I am a first year student. Reading this stuff is so much fun. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Okay, folks.... Let's get this thing going! Rileygrl, thanks for staring the FB page. I have been on there but see very little activity from others. Does anyone know if we get contact info for fellow incoming students when our packets are mailed in April? I live in Asheville and will be moving with my boyfriend to Statesville. He works in Morganton, so SVille is the halfway point, but living in Winston would be a helluva lot more appealing... We have a dog, love to run, ride bikes and motorcycles, eat food, travel, see music, be with friends. I am thrilled about being accepted to Wake Forest and can't wait to meet you all. PM me if you'd like to exchange emails and then perhaps we can get some communication started. Have a great weekend y'all! Liz
  10. I received the same email. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  11. I received an interview invitation by email earlier this week. The interview date is Fri Jan 11th. Looking forward to checking out the campus and meeting people!
  12. Congratulations! Good for you. Look forward to hearing about your progress!
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