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  1. I had a similar decision to make. I chose Bayshore, 8 months shorter, and mostly daytime classes. Personally, I think it would be rough during weeks with lots of exams to study or work during the day, then have to go to night time class, wake up and repeat. I'd rather do class/exam early and then know how much time I have left throughout the night for the next exam or class, but hey thats just me, thought I'd weigh in. Also, if it were me I wouldn't worry too much about rotation sites. One of the questions I asked during my interview was about rotations and I was told that rotations are set up for you, if you have somewhere special you can try to request it as long as your in good academic standing but will probably have to set it up on your own which will be a big hassle especially with a big course load. I'd rather have the school set me up. From talking to recent PA grads finding a job is not an issue so rotating in a hospital where you want to work is definitely nice but not required, our main obstacle will be the fact that we're new PA grads with no experience. Again, just thought I'd weigh in bc I had a similar debate! see ya
  2. Hey, A few people PMed me and asked me that a few months ago. I felt weird posting my stats but at the same time, I know that was something I scoured to find on here before I was accepted. So... if you scroll back a few pages I wrote about my work experience, gpa, shadowing, etc. Like I mentioned I only wrote it because I remember very well the stress leading up to my application year and the months waiting for interviews and/or acceptances. I don't wanna be a know-it-all but at the end of the day each person is so different in terms of where they went to school, what they studied, how they performed, work experience, life experiences, and personal statement that something like GPA can't truly predict, but thats just my opinion. Maybe others on here will tell you a bit about them and that might give you a better idea of what this school looks for.
  3. I'm from Jersey but too far away to commute so I'm moving to LI when the time comes. I've talked to previous students who said housing is pretty easy to find and I'm going to wait till mid June to probably start looking as most people will want you to occupy immediately. Did anyone file their FAFSA yet? If anyone makes a Facebook group post it in here so we can all join! If not, i'll try to get around to it soon
  4. Nice work PAgirl! it always helps to call and hound the admissions office, they're people too and at Touro they seem to understand our stress more so then other schools i interviewed or applied to. Keep us updated on your progress
  5. I'm certainly not a representative of the school but I'll offer some assistance here. Basically, there are two types of admissions processes: deadline and rolling admissions. Touro Bayshore and winthrop are rolling admissions, therefore, they evaluate applications as they are received. In a deadline application process, schools wait until the deadline before they start reading applications. So, if Caspa opens mid-april 2011 that means students had applications in april/may/june/july etc for this coming september 2012 class. I know Bayshore starts interviewing usually august/september, so although the deadline is february or march they've been interviewing for almost 6 months already. If for some reason you don't get into any schools this CASPA cycle I'm pretty sure that CASPA saves almost all of your profile so make sure that if you reapply you do it early, especially if schools are rolling admissions. Its also a good idea to contact schools and ask them questions about when they start interviewing, when you should have stuff in, etc.
  6. I always like to help people out because I know how stressful it was through the application process. I was accepted into Bayshore to start this August. Caspa calculated my Cumulative GPA to be a 3.2 I believe with my science a 3.3. I took 2 years off after I graduated undergrad because I was a psych major and didn't have the necessary prereqs, also, my gpa was a 3.0 when i finished my bachelors. I went to a post-bacc program and finished AP I & II, Gen Chem I & II, Organic I & II, Microbiology, and Physics I & II in 18 months with a 3.7 gpa while at the same time gaining my EMT-B certification. I worked 4 summers as an in-patient physical therapy aide and wound care aide, 1 summer as a rehab tech at a nursing home, and my psych capstone project was mentoring underprivileged youth. During the post-bacc program I worked doing billing and clerical work in a doctors office. I also shadowed PA's and MD's during that time. I'm not sure what you mean when you ask "should I apply now?" If your referring to Fall 2012 start date I would say its pretty late and most deadlines have passed, however, you may find some schools with January Start dates. I think CASPA opens in April or May for the following year meaning 2013 start dates. That leaves you a few months to at least volunteer or shadow. I would also recommend buying the book"getting into the PA school of your choice", thats not the exact title but the interview prep was especially helpful. Good luck, if you want to inbox me I'd be glad to share anything else that I know as long as its not too specific about the interview or something like that ( I don't think that would be fair and would def be frowned upon)
  7. Kapowski, I saw that you mentioned you were accepted, congrats, are you definitely attending touro? If so, maybe we should look into starting a Facebook group to get everyone in touch
  8. Vera 12- I was referring to Winthrop being filled. I was accepted into Bayshore, which I have to say, I prefer. CaliGirl- As for the person who asked about the interview, just be yourself, don't act nervous. they want to know a bit about what drives you, how you arrived at this decision, and some basic morals etc. Good luck. Kaitling- I had the same question about forms and spoke with the admissions office recently. They told me that the most important is the deposit. Official transcripts should be sent in very soon, and you can hold off on the medical forms and Bio page until late spring early summer.
  9. When I got there, they said that between the time that they offered me the interview and the day of my actual interview, all of the spots were filled by people who were already interviewed (if you followed that confusing statement lol). They also asked me my preference of campus/start date so I said bayshore august. Two weeks later I got a letter accepting me! The interviewers were very nice by the way, really relaxed environment unlike my other interview at a different school.
  10. Just got my letter this afternoon that I'm accepted for 2012!!! When I get some energy I'll start a Facebook group for us ( a lot of other classes did it and said its good to get to know people and that maybe you can find someone to split housing with etc.) I have to mail my deposit and then ask them how soon I need the medical forms handed in because my primary goes away for the holidays!! i'm very excited. Anyone else who is accepted inbox me and we'll stay in touch
  11. If you're starting in January then its not bayshore, its winthrop extension. Bayshore starts every August.
  12. Girly Girl, No, I am in a similar situation to "pearls33". My interview is coming up, but just wanted to know how many things I'd have to scramble for in the event that I'm accepted. Telly was very helpful. GirlyGirl, r u accepted?
  13. Hey guys, I applied for touro manhattan and bayshore PA programs to start fall 2012 and called end of october to check my app status. they informed me that there were still spots for this january and winthrop and asked if i'd like to be considered (obviously I said yes LOL). They just called me yesterday and asked me to call back monday to schedule an interview. Seeing as I will have limited time between a hopeful acceptance and the actual start of the program I wanted to see if there is anything additional you had to do besides find housing? Someone earlier mentioned immunizations? If i call my primary what bloodwork and immunizations do I need?
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