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  1. crossby1, please email me at fightnccpa@gmail.com
  2. You can now contact me directly at: fightnccpa@gmail.com Here is our blog: http://fightnccpa.blogspot.com/ It is still in the making. Again, please, if you want to help us in the fight against NCCPA, email me and help me in this fight. I am more and more convinced NCCPA is handling this hold affair unprofessionally and perhaps intentionally so. I/we need your help. I'm not asking for money; I am asking for you. I have decided to really take this problem seriously.
  3. If you want to be part of this fight with NCCPA, I need to know so I can include you when I show the numbers involved with this situation. I need this as soon as possible. Please, send me a PM. Thank you.
  4. Let's get this activity off this forum. If you are interested in a class action suit or in trying to get some news coverage, please send me a PM. This is my last post regarding this thread. There's always somebody trying to shoot the horse from under you. I hope to hear from many of you. We can do this much better on our own.
  5. When people stand by and do nothing they get run over. I'm not sure who's disgruntled here. There is nothing wrong with taking a stand for your rights. This still is the good ole USA.
  6. I plan on finding a lawyer. I just sent the story to one of our local TV stations. They have a great news program, and it might help getting the story national. I'm willing to fight to the end.
  7. I'm still seeking a lawyer who will take our case. If you have any suggested lawyers, let me know. I think we all have a reasonable beaf which adds up to a real beaf.
  8. If we don't try, surely we fail. I agree about the suit. Some news reporter is looking for a story to research and write. We just have to find him/her.
  9. Tell me the reason specifically why you think we should sue NCCPA. My reason did not work out. Give me the reasons and I will continue looking for a lawyer.
  10. Momentum is with us. Together we can be the victors.
  11. I just talked to a big shot lawyer who actually used to be a PA. He said you can't sue an organization just because you fail their exam. He gave me the example where many/most?? fall the bar exam. Okay, so let's take the story to the public. Here are the news organizations I contacted. Please, would you also contact them and tell them your story. Let's take NCCPA into the homes of American. CNN News http://www.cnn.com/feedback/show/?s=newstip Fox News Kelly@foxnews.com New York Times news-tips@nytimes.com Associated Press info@ap.org Reuters News david.wilkins@thomsonreuters.com If you know of other, please post them here, and I will contact them. BUT, it takes all of us to stir up the mud in the pond.
  12. I contacted AP News and USA Today to share the story. I also let NCCPA know I was looking into a class action suit and that I was sending the story to national news agencies. Please, contact NCCPA and tell them the same. The email address is examgrievances@nccpa.net and the lady's name is JoAnn Osborne Manager of Exam Administration. Let's spread this story all over the USA. I'll see if I can find a lawyer.
  13. Wow, what a great response. Let's see how much more response we get. Anybody know any good lawyers? Also, I am going to share the story with several national news agencies. I wonder what the AP, USAToday, etc could do with a story like this. Will you, please contact them, also. Thank you.
  14. As I "understand" this is the only "approved/recommended" study book. That book comes with a web site with about 1000 questions covering all the sections in the book. Now, my story. This is not all I studied. I made over 90 0n all tests with those questions. On top of that, I used three other sources with many online questions. I attended the Emory Review one week before I took the PANCE exam. The exam I took came no where close to being what was recommended. I failed it. The Emory Review was wonderful. I really felt confident. In short, the Emory Review prepared me to better practice medicine, but it came no where close to the exam I took, The point I am making: they recommended a book. I knew that book inside and out. When I started the first block of the exam, I knew I was going to fail. It was like the exam was in Greek. There was NO relationship between what was approved and what I faced in the PANCE.
  15. Approving a study tool and then not following it might be justification. I'm just thinking out loud. If you have better ideas, let's hear them.
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