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  1. I'm a fairly new grad, and I had a 4 year old and 3 year old through didactic, and had my 3rd 3 days before graduation. If you have a solid relationship with your spouse before starting school, that is crucial to your success (along with communication). I agree with Rev about managing your expectations. I actually found that I was less stressed than classmates, however, because I had more perspective on life and what was important. Learn what you need to know to be a great clinician, but don't burn yourself out... your family is first priority. I do agree with MomofEAF that it's tougher being a mom in school when the kids are little. I give major kudos to all the dads who have done it, though!
  2. https://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/drugreg/faq.htm#4 Thanks- I knew the two locations weren't a problem, but I wasn't sure about the osteopathic vs. medical licenses... I didn't realize that not every state has separate boards for those.
  3. I spoke with someone in the Philadelphia office of DEA to try to get some sort of confirmation, and- in case anyone searches this question- here is what they had to say: As long as I am in only ONE state and only prescribing (not administering or dispensing), I can use one DEA number and apply for that with the license of the practice I will be with most often. I appreciate the help you guys had to offer!
  4. Thanks! Which license do you use for registering with the DEA?
  5. Thanks for sharing your experience. Did you at any point work for a DO and have your DEA under your medical license (or the other way around)?
  6. I'm in Pennsylvania. Yes... unfortunately we have an Osteopathic Board and a State Board of Medicine. It's ridiculous and frustrating. Licenses are issued based off of your supervising physician.
  7. Looking for anyone who has encountered this scenario and might be able to help me... I'm a recent grad and will be starting 2 part time jobs in the fall, one under a DO and one under an MD. Because of this, I'm assuming I need 2 licenses (one from the osteopathic board and one from the medical board). What about my DEA number? I'm in the process of registering, but they only leave room for one license number. I don't think their customer service people understand the question I'm asking, so I'm hoping someone here knows.
  8. I deferred because I had a newborn and decided I would be more successful if I waited. I agree with primadonna in the fact that it is probably most common for pregnancies/deliveries, family emergency, health issues, etc. and not just convenience.
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