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  1. I too recieved the same email. However, I was told from a few NU PA alum's that Rosann, the program director will be resigning this month, as well as a few of there top professors. I do not know any of the specifics other than that, and dreaded posted this on the forum, but figured for those still debating between schools, that is important information. I will be removing my name from the waitlist. Best of luck. I Hope everything works out for everyone.
  2. Congrats. I also interviewed on Oct 5th and got a accpetance phone call last week, however I am still waiting to hear back from another program
  3. eemack.....congrats, I did too....got an email invitation for Oct 19 and 20th, with notification that a hard copy was been mailed via USPS.
  4. Hi Kimberlina, I must have had the exact same submission date, verification date and mailing date. I also got the invite for the OCT 5th interview, so I will be there as well.
  5. Laur, I got my interview invitation last week, I am also interviewing on Oct 28th and 29th
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