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  1. Surgical PAs! I'm curious to know how your schedules are structured. I'm hoping to gain insight on how similar practices operate and hopefully create a more efficient structure for my own group. I'm currently part of a hospital based neurosurgery group consisting of 7 PAs and 7 surgeons (when fully staffed, + 2 surgeons who are there part time). We also have a residency program. PA responsibilities include call (6a-6p), inpatient, clinic, and OR. We work 4 days a week with a rotating day off to keep us under/near 50 hours/week, and 1/8 Saturdays. We are, as a whole, looking for a more 1:
  2. Thank you so much! For anyone also interested, I was also advised to pick up "Neurology & Neurosurgery Illustrated" as I am also spending time in neurosurgery.
  3. Hello all, I am starting my elective rotation next month in neurology and would really appreciate some suggestions regarding which books I should read to prepare me for this rotation. I usually use the blueprints, etc. to prepare for EOR exams, but seeing as we are not tested at the end of elective rotations, I would like a more practical book that prepares me for the actual rotation. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Can anyone else provide some insight as to the best way to prepare for the PAEA EOR exams, specifically EM?
  5. Congrats, me too! I received mine yesterday. Now just to find a place to live in the next month!
  6. Hi Stephanie, I am an in-state applicant, and my CASPA was mailed by the deadline. I'm not sure if my email was the same as the one sent to others who received an invitation to interview. I do know that they are doing interviews through tomorrow and mailing letters shortly thereafter, although I'm not exactly sure when. I will be crossing my fingers and saying my prayers until then. Best of luck everyone =]
  7. I haven't heard anything yet. However, a friend of mine has received an invitation to interview in December, so they must be sending them. Good luck everyone!
  8. I got an email Nov 1st, which also said it would be followed up by a letter in the mail. Good luck!
  9. I received an invitation to interview at LSUHSCNO. I'm so excited!! Best of luck to everyone =]
  10. I have an interview December 13 in the morning. I'm so happy! :)
  11. You could use it to explain why you chose PA over NP. Maybe mention that you liked how technically focused the PAs were, and enjoyed shadowing them as they did procedures, etc.
  12. Thank you! I have been struggling with the same problem - not having a single, epic moment that totally encompassed my reasoning for taking the path to becoming a PA. It has been several, or even many, events that have formed my motivation. You have finally put into words what I have been trying to communicate for a long time now. So, thank you (again)!:smile:
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