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  1. Thanks for your response! It's been a struggle as a new grad, more than I had anticipated and it is unfortunate that there are so many parallels between job hunting and online dating. Thanks for the break down, as awesome as this job opportunity is I am put off by the lack of clear communication--even if it's a rejection, it would still be appreciated and professional. Fingers crossed and carrying forward, thanks!
  2. Thanks, greenmood. I have done my due diligence and need to move forward. Thanks for your response!
  3. Thanks for your response--it actually sparked a question for me: salary has already been discussed--recruiter readily gave me the 'step-wise' chat, and it's very strong--is it typical however for what was said verbally to change by the time a physical contract is presented?
  4. Thanks for breaking down your own experience, it helps. Any tips in regards to the fine line between persistence and pestering? I try to keep my follows up to a minimum but I also want to be persistent. I would assume if I was to be pass for the position, HR would say something along those lines, right? So far, I give a tug and seem to get a weak tug in response.
  5. Thanks for your response! Waiting for credentialing is fine as long as I happily have that contract signed, so fingers crossed.
  6. Hello fellow PAs! I am a new grad that is going through the wonderful agony of first job hunting and I would love your input on my situation. I had a series of interviews, the position I am most interested in is with a large hospital. I had the initial phone interview 3 weeks ago with a recruiter which I felt went very well and I was told to follow up in a week. I followed up and received a reply stating that some key players are out of the office due to the flu but they will be in touch shortly. It's been roughly 2 weeks from that correspondence and I sent another follow up yesterday with no response yet. Humorously, I joked with numerous friends that job hunting is like online dating with the unsettling feeling of being lead on/ghosted on. I guess my question is, what is the typical time frame for a large organization to go through the interview process and extend an offer? I am still applying and have some more interviews coming up, but it's difficult to fully let this great position go or not over analyze the waiting in between. Thank you for all your help!
  7. Those are some really great points and tips, thank you for such a detailed reply! I love the last line of jaded and bitter but able to survive anywhere else. Thanks for all your help and good vibes! EDIT: I seriously did not realize until minutes later that your username was literally GoodVibes! :)
  8. That sounds ridiculous and not a great working environment. I will have to dig around for more info on admin staff. Thanks for all your tips!
  9. Wow, thank you for such a detailed response!! The EMR for one location is NextGen--I don't think I've run across it during clinical year--is it particularly bad? :/ Your last tip was great, thanks!
  10. Thank you for this detailed response! As a new graduate, what would you consider a reasonable number of patients to see at the 6 month mark and at the 1 year mark?
  11. Thank you everyone for your detailed, honest answers! I have a better idea of what questions to really ask in detail and consider as I prepare for my interviews. I appreciate the support!
  12. Thank you both for replying, appreciate it! It's been a difficult market for me as a new graduate so I am thankful for the opportunity to interview but at the same time I want to make sure my first job will provide a strong foundation and support. One position has a 5 month onboarding process, which is great but I will have to definitely ask all the questions you both brought up. Anyone have any positive experiences?
  13. Hello, I am a new grad who has a couple of interviews coming up with CHCs and I would love input from PAs who have experience working with CHCs. What in your opinion were the pros/cons, what are the unique challenges of being a primary care PA at a CHC? Also, greatly appreciate input on what are some important questions to ask during the interview. Thanks for your time!
  14. Thank you both for responding--sorry for the delay. Still hunting but have 2 interviews coming up. Still pretty rough though. Congrats on graduating soon and good luck on the PANCE. The WA licensing process was pretty smooth and the DOH staff was very helpful. I know other states really make you jump through hoops, so this was a pleasant surprise. :)
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