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  1. Okay, so Nap1711,Erin and I will team up when it comes to clinical stuff since we're in the same boat with HCE!:smile: Oh, Nap, you're in for a world of hurt being a Red Sox/Patriots fan in NY - I'd keep that on the down-low if I were you! So, am I the only old person in this class? Well, chronologically I'm ancient, but my maturity level is probably closer to a 17 year old! And yes, Nap, if I had a choice I wouldn't be moving back to NY for school...but PAs aren't big out here in Colorado and I think the schools in NY are so much better. I'll be commuting to school from Staten Island (~1 hour each way). Kinda sucks, but its free rent. I guess I can always sleep on the bus, at least part of the commute. I hope more of our class shows up on here. Like I've said somewhere on here before, it would be great to get to know the people we''l be spending the next two years of our lives with!
  2. Hi Erin! I thought you were a guy from your screen name! I'm on Facebook too - Shay McCole-Pons. Feel free to connect with me. Just FYI - For anyone who wants to keep their crazy personal side to themselves - on FB you can designate people as "acquaintances" and I don't think they'll be able to see those regrettable post cocktail, rambling posts or the embarrassing pictures that people insist on tagging their friends in! :heheh: I'm originally from NY but have lived in CO for 15 years. I can't believe I'm going back! I just keep telling myself its just for a few years! Erin, what kind of HCE do you have? Mine is v-e-r-y limited so I'm expecting to be a bit behind on the clinical side for awhile compared to the rest of you guys. Hopefully I'm a quick study!
  3. I haven't mailed in my deposit yet (will tomorrow) so it'll be a bit before I get my welcome packet. I looked at the schedule of classes on LIU's website and it shows 9/5 as the first day, although I don't know if it's accurate. I think (mandatory) orientation dates are 8/17, 8/28 or 9/4...
  4. Congratulations Risomk! Let's see if anyone else out of the ~40 ppl show up! Are you guys planning on going to the Open House/Orientation in August? Anyone get the book list yet? Or figure out the maze that is financial aid???
  5. Congratulations! Someone else asked whether anyone has started a FB page for our class as well. It might be an easier way to communicate, if people want to. I guess we can wait to see whether others surface on here in the next month or so...
  6. Is anyone planning on being a part of the class of 2014? It seems like there isn't much recent activity on this site for this school...
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