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  1. I want to make sure I understand this, so bear with me while I try to word this correctly If my state does NOT require certification, I can chose NOT to take the PANRE, I can still practice. YET, if I choose to take the PANRE (even though cert is not required by state), and fail, I can no longer practice. Right?
  2. I practiced general med, mostly internal. Some of the stuff is not even common. They don’t even have zebras on the test. I really thought it would help but all I have done was get anxious four times a year instead of one time
  3. I can tell you that my daughter and several nurses just graduated with their MHA. So not sure how competitive one would be against nurses and others with administrative background.
  4. I thought in Texas, certification, or the “C”, was not required to practice. Is it the company itself?
  5. I recently read an article where they were discussing a nurse practitioner. Her title was shortened to “practitioner”. No thank you!
  6. What’s crazy is anybody can own a medical practice.
  7. Agree! There is no evidence that high-stakes tests create a better clinician. ....And, if we’re going to be using evidence-based medicine .........
  8. CEO is hired, and we want someone with experience dealing with growing large corporations!
  9. Good point! Was this from a known source on Reddit? I hesitate to give any credence to things on the Internet, especially when an outside source. My other question is why do PAs not know about this within our own profession ?
  10. Have you done any research on what other professional organizations' charges and benefits?
  11. I agree, Paula. I do wonder if not being able to discuss it on the huddle will affect voter turn out.....
  12. A test is a test. Doesn’t matter that it is a pilot, it is a TEST. Anxiety is real... I would like to make sure I don’t fail....
  13. Haven’t done it yet. I have such anxiety about tests....
  14. Since we are not allowed to discuss the upcoming campaign or candidates on Huddle, I assume we are able to DISCUSS the subject/candidates here?
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