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  1. Have you done any research on what other professional organizations' charges and benefits?
  2. I agree, Paula. I do wonder if not being able to discuss it on the huddle will affect voter turn out.....
  3. A test is a test. Doesn’t matter that it is a pilot, it is a TEST. Anxiety is real... I would like to make sure I don’t fail....
  4. Haven’t done it yet. I have such anxiety about tests....
  5. Since we are not allowed to discuss the upcoming campaign or candidates on Huddle, I assume we are able to DISCUSS the subject/candidates here?
  6. Physician Associate Grammatically, Associate Physician....just like Associate Professor
  7. If you are a PAFT member, you should have received an invite via email. If you could RSVP, that would be great!
  8. I feel for you. That is a tough call. I applaud you for being confident in your abilities to know you would not be 'always' be associated with physician. Most of the general population have a short memory.
  9. 'Tis true. Spoke to a colleague whom was fined for undercoding..... Can't win.....
  10. My question is for any state that passes practice- based items for OTP. I remember as a new to practice PA (about a 1-2 yrs in) going to a conference. I looked at an older gentleman next to me, and asked him “When do I quit having to prove myself?” With an down-trodden look he responsed, “Kris, every time a new (and/or younger) phyisican starts at the clinic, I have to start all over proving what I know!” So when one switches positions/practices, would one have to start over by proving themselves....again? With OTP rules set at the practice level (vs state) would one have to prove and attempt to regain the same autonomy that one had at the last place of employment? Or when a new physician arrives? ........ Because this does not sound any different than what we have now ... Interested in hearing your thoughts
  11. https://pasfortomorrow.org/membership/ PAFT sent an open letter to the Exec Dir of CA ACEP at the request of members. Want to make a change? We do! Join us. Dr. Frank Crosby, DHSc, PA-C, President Katie Dore, MHS, PAC-Vice President Todd Kielman, MPAS, PA-C President Elect Dr. Eric Holden, DHSc, PA-C, Past President Kris Pyles-Sweet, MS, PA-C, Treasurer Nichole Bateman, MPAS, PA-C, Secretary Dr. Scott Stegall, PhD, PA-C, Director Tessa Roulston, MS, MPAM, PA-C, Director Nina Ong, PA-S, Student Director Sara Young, PA-S, Student Director April 9, 2019 Elena Lopez-Guzman, Executive Director California ACEP Subject: An open letter to California ACEP PAs for Tomorrow (PAFT) believes in action, terminology, and legislation removing barriers to efficient PA practice, allowing us to work closely with medical teams more effectively. We support California SB 697 and believe that California ACEP would support it if you had a full understanding of what Optimal TEAM practice truly is. On behalf of PAFT’s California-based members, we take umbrage at California ACEP providing misinformation to emergency physicians across the state. We respectfully request that California ACEP support this bill as written, and provide accurate OTP information to the emergency physicians of your state, not simply scare tactics without evidence-based information. There is a significant difference between legislatively-mandated supervision and collaboration requirements set at the medical organization level. In fact, legislatively-mandated supervision takes away from medical director’s and department head’s ability to manage an emergency department, clinic, private practice, urgent care center, or hospital in the manner the medical staff deems best for that practice. It is clear that California ACEP leadership does not understand that removal of legislatively mandated supervision is NOT a call for PA independence. Consider it to be a call for team-based patient care with the degree of medical team member oversight determined at the practice level. Should the State of California tell emergency medicine physicians just how many PAs they are allowed to supervise, or should that determination be made by the physicians at the practice level? Should the State of California tell medical directors how to manage and supervise any member of the health care team, or should medical directors determine that? Removing legislatively-mandatedsupervisory requirements does not change the CLINICAL WORKING-RELATIONSHIP in any clinic setting. PAs still practice as they do now, they still collaborate with other members of the medical team, and they make medical decisions and dispositions in accordance with clinic/hospital policy and accepted standard of care. The difference is that there is less liability directed toward the “supervising” physician. Did you know that there are 32 military bases in the State of California? Did you know that military PAs do not have regulations (legislative requirements) for mandated supervision? They may collaborate on an as needed basis with physicians (including specialists) and other team members. They, just as with civilian PAs, are required to meet the same standard of care as physicians. Should a PA’s failure to meet that standard of care be held against a legislatively mandated supervisor, who may never have seen the patient or the chart? Your letter to physicians across the state indirectly implies that physicians do not require supervision. Does that hold true for interns as well? Residents? The reality is that interns and residents are part of the medical care team. They require supervision, but not legislatively-mandated supervision. PAs for Tomorrow (PAFT) is a professional group of PAs committed to the idea that the PA profession must present itself accurately, as autonomous professionals, to survive and prosper in the future medical care marketplace. Respectfully, Dr Frank Crosby, DrHSc, PA-C President, PAs for Tomorrow pasfortomorrow.org fcpresident@pasfortomorrow.org
  12. Would be nice. Fingers crossed that will actually happen ( with TAPA I mean) .......
  13. Incredible!!! Where can i find info to share?!?!
  14. I think we should assume all states’ ACEP will oppose what they consider an expansion of scope. Education is needed within our own ranks, so it would stand to reason that those who are worried about their turf would need extra schooling.
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