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  1. I agree with much of your statement, but wanted to thank you for your support. I have been disappointed with other groups who claim to be advocating on PAs behalf, but only for a faction of it. I understand one does not always see what is happening behind the curtain, but when a group only advocates for one specific group, there are many that are left behind.
  2. This would be proper grammar according to my English professor mother; Much like Assistant/Associate Professor. This was brought up in the 90s in one of the now defunct PA journals. Unfortunately, due to our profession’s apathy and not holding our organizational staff accountable, we are now faced with a profession already legally called and accepted as “assistant physician” in a few states. As far as unionizing, that comes with a different set of issues. We would best benefit by encouraging others to join their state org and hold them accountable. Being vocal with the
  3. Have you found any telemedicine jobs as a PA? They mostly want NPs and physicians. Not sure if that is due to independent practice, or the nursing lobby/education/administration, or what....
  4. I am astonished at how many PAs are not aware of OTP/FPAR and the modernization it brings. Where is the breakdown? State? National? We all know PAs have apathy, but if items flow from top down, where is the mismatch? And, still so many still disagree with the tenants, preferring to be yoked to a physician. GOD FORBID (I actually say that as a Prayer!) OTP/FPAR does not happen. What is to become of us? Would we slowly go towards extinction? Would it happen once we are all replaced by NPs? Will be be regulated to low paying positions (I saw a PA who is taking $20/hr since being la
  5. As a PA, we are not allowed to do anything without the almighty CP. One cannot even take a temperature. Wish I were kidding. I think so many nuances of PA practices are not taught in school, but it seems to be getting worse. Anyone else think this? THIS is why we need to be untied from the physicians. Why do others not see this? (not on here, but elsewhere.......) kps
  6. How did you find out? I did not receive an email..... When did they do this?
  7. For my Capstone project, I am researching barriers of advocacy and PAs. Please take less than 10 minutes to fill out the survey below, and share with other PAs. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YZW8K6M Thank you!
  8. The same exact way that I am mistaken for nurse practitioner even though my badge, lab coat, business cards, Picture in the lobby, paperwork, etc. state that I am a PA. Imagine them only seen the word “practitioner.” You really think they’re going to think “medical care” vs nurse first?
  9. The “halo effect” was referred to and stated during by WPP during the HOD in May 2019. I am sure it can be found on the AAPA website if the entire presentation was uploaded. @PACali ....so we have been called PHYSICIAN Assistant for 50 plus years. Do we need to apologize for “misleading”’the public all this time? Being called a Medical Practioner is not very descriptive either. In fact, I had a nurse admin in my practice who referred to their MAs as such. According to a few legal folks, MP cannot be copyrighted, or claimed by a profession, as it is too general. I certain
  10. Truth be told, it doesn’t matter what Dave wants. What truly matters is what the company we hired comes back with in November. Then it can be discussed without speculation in my opinion, I think we’re crazy if we lose the term “physician”. As the company stated, we have a halo with the term, not to mention people understand what it means. we are already behind the eight ball, so if we come up with anything other than “physician associate”, which keeps the initials and the overall idea of what we do, we must spend even MORE money describing and educating from the very beginning. inc
  11. The AT Still University DMSc program can be 2 or 3 years with three different tracks, Clinical (you create your own curriculum), Education, and Leadership. Tuition is 18k total. I am part of the first cohort. kps
  12. Are you or your colleagues working for $40/hr? What kind of cut are admin and the physicians taking?
  13. @turnedintoamartian FPAR (Full Practice Authority and Responsibility) was the original name (see PAFT site), but was changed to OTP (Optimal Team Practice) by the AAPA task force when they adopted the resolution. Some believe that FPAR better represents what is trying to be accomplished versus OTP, which can be considered non-specific.
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