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  1. I know a PA who has a cash-only urgent care. He charges $85 per visit, and swears he has been in black from day one. It has been over a year since opening, and he has afforded to go vacation. With that being said, not sure how liquid he was to begin with.
  2. I own a house call practice in TX. Medicare only. Between the patients who expect miracles, staff that over exaggerate their competency, and Medicare reimbursement I am exhausted. BUT, I know of seemingly successful PA owned practices. One is cash only. I would not mind owning another practice, but it is getting ridicously hard due to the oversite and lack of reimbursements. Which is probably why many physicians sold out to hospitals or corporations. (IMO)
  3. HOD voted on employing a marketing firm to search and evaluate titles for the profession. Once the information comes back, I guess the info will be discussed further... I think there may be a task force on that ......
  4. If I were to open another practice, cash would be king!
  5. GP is a great choice that I had not thought of, and even considered it.... until I read the rest of your sentence. Good point! With that being said, we are all trained as a generalist, and then specialized.....much like physicians when the choose Fellowships. I am just happy that the HOD passed Resolution B-14 to hire an outside company who can see a 360 view of what is best for OUR profession.
  6. This is incredible news! Would you be willing to share the email? We need to share this development with other PAs, administrators, and any other stakeholder. Not only for the fantastic news affecting you and your colleagues, but to show a PA in a highly visible leadership role. kps
  7. Not sure what he is talking about.... Can he not find the results?
  8. "Title" change it is!! Maybe people will stop saying words don't matter when the correct term is used.
  9. Geri house call practice not what it is cracked up to be either....
  10. Believe me, I am not one to downplay my role as a competent provider. But, if there is one thing I've learned in life, you can use what you have and still stay true to yourself. I've lost positions because I knew I was 'right', and stuck to my guns. It didn't feed my family. You are right. I PRACTICE. You practice. We, PAs practice. But, within the practice, we are offering services. Which is what we bill for....it's all semantics. Right?
  11. Not sure what 'fire' means. Might be a mistype. The position you speak of is just that. An assessment. As an owner of a house call practice, I hate when the assessors visit my patients. (Most here are NPs). The provider goes in, assesses the patient, tells the pt all the things the PCP should be doing, and leaves. Makes it hard for the PCP to actually treat the patient. Most Medicare patients are non-compliant, or have a mental deficit, adding another provider in the mix without 'skin in the game' is frustrating. It is good money. Which makes me wonder why they are willing to pay well for an assessment (>$100/pt), but why not be willing to pay for the actual treatment <$100) of the patient.
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