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  1. Did you ever end up getting a quote on the cost of a tail policy ? Thanks !
  2. Do most people get paid time off for CME days? This is coming up in an offer I'm considering as well. I'm a new grad and always assumed CMEs were part of the workday and it would be covered. Am I greedy by asking that these days are paid, I also would work only 4 ten hour shifts q wk. However, I'm Still working a full week and don't feel that my "day off" should be a work day.
  3. Thanks Rev! I needed a good , stern "talking to". I know one of my biggest faults is being "too nice" and that really , really has to stop. I am definitely going to tackle those issues and see if I can ascertain a bit more in this deal. I hope I haven't already come off as too eager. This is such a learning process!!! Thank you !!
  4. Hello, I'm a "new grad" having graduates this last August. I had initially taken a uro job for 75k, working at least 50 hrs q wk. to make a long story short, it was a toxic environment and I resigned after the probationary period . Fast forward to today ... Offered a FP job for 80k, no benefits (health insurance , 401k, no CME reimbursement ). Benefits include 2 weeks vacation, No weekends/call, and only four 10 hour shifts. I'm not a good negotiator either; hate it and I'm terrible at confrontation. Also, this is the first time this particular clinic is working with a mid-level so I'm n
  5. I'm also wondering the same. Years ago I had a charged (not convicted ) of DUI. The way it was asked on the NCCPA sign up , I had to answer "yes". I received an email asking for documentation on the incident; is sending the "record exists, no conviction " letter from the state sufficient ? Will this have a detrimental affect on my license in the long run ? I am really freaking out!!
  6. Hmm... I didn't get that email. Did it mention of we'd be notified by mail/email etc?
  7. I will be interviewing in January...hoping for the 10th or 11th. Does anyone have any idea how soon they let you know your status? I really hate all of these waiting games. Has anyone been waitlisted? Any idea how many interviews they have done thus far? There were 4 dates in January.Glad to hear they acceot 75ish students. Congrats to all those accepted!!
  8. Hello all!! Would any past, present or future MW students be so kind as to share their stats (science/cum GPA) ? Why not throw in HCE and anything else you can think of ? I would be so thankful!
  9. It does seem that way... keeping fingers crossed!!! If anyone was wait listed in previous years , then accepted....any time frame for us ?
  10. I unfortunately also got the "wait list " letter :( Is it appropriate to email them and ask why they are offering the waitlist I Lieu of a position/how can I improve? I felt that the interview went very well and I have HCE and a competitive GPA. So , I will send the wait list letter anyhow. Does MW typically Take wait-listers?
  11. I had an interview 9-27, but no word yet. Anyone else?
  12. Don't worry! It seems like a lot of schools take from their waitlist since first-time interviewees students get an acceptance, take it, then get another from their top choice. Musical Admission! GL to all!!!!
  13. Hello, I am a starting a PA program this spring and we do have a psych rotation. The program also has a specialized preceptorship. I am very interested in becoming a psych PA (planning ahead, yes , I know). I know that the pay is well and it is a field that highly interests me, however, job searches mostly turn up psych NPs so I am wondering how abundant psych PA jobs are. If anyone has any advice on the Pysch PA job searching or feedback, I would be mos appreciative. Thanks!!!
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