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  1. I am super excited about my acceptance. Lokking forward to meeting everyone. Heather
  2. Hello everyone, I will be joining you!!!! I got my acceptance e-mail on the 10th. I interviewed in Nov and did the essay portion first. Congrats, Heather
  3. They are done conducting interviews for this coming class. Good Luck and Congrats to all who had an interview! I can't wait to hear something. Heather
  4. I got my invite via phone last week, I am looking forward to meeting you guys soon!!!! Heather
  5. Congrats guys!!! I hope to be hearing soon. This is a real nail biter! Just remember to be yourself during the interview. -Heather
  6. Wow, I am starting to wonder what's taking so long with sending out invites? I can imagine I am not the only one. Hope we hear something soon:-)
  7. This is what I know for sure, the PA program is moving into a new space on the main campus of the Health Science Center. I believe it has put a stop to the application process for now, but should resume soon. I will keep you posted! If you hear anything please do the same. -Heather
  8. I haven't heard anything yet...hope to hear something soon. I sent both my CASPA and supp app in June. I will keep you posted. Please do the same. Good Luck! -Heather
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