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  1. Also maybe remind them that you wouldn't be starting school for another year and a half-ish. Applying wouldn't necessarily mean you're going to be leaving them next month, so they may handle it better.
  2. Thanks so much for the tips! Keep them coming!
  3. I didn't want to hijack another thread so I'm starting a new topic here. Just wanted some opinions on Minneapolis neighborhoods? Are there any that should definitely be avoided, or any that you find particularly charming? I'd be willing to commute probably 25 mins max to Augsburg, but obviously would prefer closer. Thanks for any thoughts in advance!
  4. I've decided to attend Augsburg...very excited!
  5. Just to throw my two cents in...it's true Augsburg has a new program director. However, he is the reason I'm deciding to attend there. I thought he was absolutely fantastic, very invested in the program and determined to help it succeed. All the students I talked to there had positive things to say about him. Obviously the only experience I can draw from is this initial meeting with the program, so take it for what it's worth. Good luck with all your interviews!
  6. Agree with this, and for what it's worth I'm an example of a phlebotomist who got into PA school. As previously stated, some schools will accept this type of HCE, others will not. You'll have to research each school individually. For my part, I worked for about 3 years drawing blood all over the hospital. It allowed me to experience areas like the ICU, surgical, pediatrics, geriatrics, maternity, behavioral health, etc., and the varied patients that came along with each. It also allowed for lots of interactions with both providers and support staff. My specific job taught me some great skills in my opinion. I don't know a whole lot about EKG tech as experience, although at the hospital where I worked they seemed to have the same type of work flow as we did and we often overlapped in patients' rooms. In my personal experience, phlebotomy HCE worked well for me. I think how much money you have, time to spare, job outlook in your geographical location, and which schools you plan to apply to will all determine what decision is right for you. I do know that if it made sense in your situation, EMT is considered fantastic HCE pretty much everywhere. Good luck to you, and let me know if you have any other questions!
  7. SGajajiva - I am looking at renting a car while I'm there (four days) so I'm able to get some site-seeing in. I'm thinking that's the way to go, but would you suggest public transportation instead?
  8. Does anyone else have an interview scheduled for Monday at noon?
  9. Does anyone have an idea of how many applicants are usually interviewed? Good luck to all!
  10. Thank you all for your imput! Especially l.a. lewis, it is great to have inside perspective. I by no means mean to suggest that I am the star of my boyfriend's deployment. What he is going through is not at all comparable to my experience. Likewise, it hadn't even occurred to me whether people like military stories or not. But I am trying to show a school who I am, so that only leaves room for my perspective. The essay asked for a difficult personal experience for me and it has been something I've struggled with. Perhaps that makes me weak, or shows that I am young, but it's the truth. I have learned a lot of lessons through the experience that I have found very useful, which is why I was considering writing about the topic. Again, thank you for the advice, and thank you for your service!
  11. Hi all, I was wondering about what your opinions would be on how personal topics for supplemental essays should be. I have a supplemental app that is asking for a stressful experience essay in which we are to "describe a stressful or difficult personal experience and the resolution of the experience". My boyfriend is currently deployed overseas, and has been for the past 8 months. For me, this is the most stressful experience I have gone through in my young life. It has taught me many things. However, I realize this is a very personal experience, and perhaps the school is looking for me to go in a more professional or educational direction with it. For example, a difficult job I've had, or maybe a challenging class. Any thoughts? Anyone who has been accepted or is part of an admissions committee have an opinion? Thanks for any help in advance!
  12. Thank you all for the feedback! I agree, I think having the LOR from a PA would be very beneficial. One of the PA's who read my personal statement is a relative, so I didn't think it would be appropriate to have one from her. I am going to try getting one from another PA though. As for the HCE, doing CNA doesn't really make much sense for my situation because I have about the same amount of patient contact as they do. And where I work, I would say our quality of HCE is about the same. I am with patients all day, in and out of rooms, clarifying orders with providers and nurses. The CNA's mainly clean/change people, get them water or blankets, and take vitals. I don't think it would be beneficial enough for me to spend the money on the classes, just to get about the same quality of HCE. I agree that EMT is probably better quality HCE, and I did think about it. It's just a matter of affording it. Plus, from what I've observed around here, it is difficult to get a position as a practicing EMT. I wouldn't want to spend all the money and time on the classes and be unable to utilize it. I guess I'm kind of on the fence about it. I know phlebotomy is generally not seen as the highest quality of HCE, but I do believe my position is a little higher quality than some. I am full time in the hospital, constantly working with patients in all areas, from ICU to OB to Oncology. I also work with a complete age range of patients, from birth all the way up. I am currently leading the development of our new training program for new employees, as well. I am not trying to discredit what you are all saying about better HCE. I realize there is better out there to be had. It's just a matter of it being beneficial in my situation. Again, thank you for all of your suggestions, and keep them coming!
  13. Hi all, I am just looking for some suggestions for ways that I can strengthen my application for reapplying next cycle. I applied to three schools this cycle (all pretty local) and received zero interviews. I know I need to apply more broadly and earlier next cycle. I also think I need to add some more volunteer hours, as many of mine were from when I was an undergrad (about two years ago). Any suggestions for where to volunteer? Any other ideas or tips on how I can strengthen other areas would be greatly appreciated! GPA: 3.59 (B.S. in Biology) Science GPA: 3.54 GRE: 159 verbal, 153 quantitative, 3.5 analytical HCE: 2500 hrs hospital phlebotomist (it's roughly 3000 now) Shadowing: 15 hours, Oncology PA LOR's: An undergrad professor, my current phlebotomy supervisor, and a past co-worker/friend I worked with in high school/early college I thought my personal statement was strong, I had a couple of current PA's read over it, including one who had been involved with admissions at another school. I'll admit that I think my supplemental essays may have been lacking. I was burnt out and distracted, and I think I could have done better. Any other questions, let me know. Thank you!
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