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  1. Congrats watsn59, I was also accepted on the same day! I'm already planning for the Meet and Greet because I'll be flying from California. I'll see you and Rob on October 25th then!
  2. I actually chose Pittsburgh, longer driving time but cheaper airfare (from CA). Anyway, I'll be seeing you on the 19th then =]. Good luck! Also, thanks lynzme1 for the info! I hope they will update applicants with their accreditation prep during the interview infosession in Feb.
  3. Good luck everyone! I'm still waiting also. I got the same review email on 12/7, so I guess I'm not the only one. Hope to receive an invitation soon though, time is ticking away!
  4. So I just received an interview invitation today, and I was given 3 options: 01/18, 01/19, or 02/19! I'm very nervous because I'm from CA and this is the first school out of state I've received an invite for. Someone suggested the Holiday Inn on page 1, so I'll consider that option for lodging. For those out of state, which airport did you fly to? Thanks.
  5. I got placed on a low alternate waitlist :-( well, at least it's not a flat out rejection, but low alternate doesn't sound so good either.. I'll just continue to get more work/volunteer hours and send them an updated transcript with a letter of interest a few months later. Hope things will turn out well. Good luck to everyone who are still waiting for their letters!
  6. Thanks jtrost1 for the info! I've been checking my phone a lot for the past few days haha. Good luck everyone!
  7. Same here, I also got a "hold" email a few months back. I was getting anxious, but now I'm hopeful because they are holding interview invites until early next year. Thanks for the info everyone!
  8. It has been about 1.5 weeks, so panic is setting in! They did mention during the interview that they will tell us after 2-3 weeks, but I hope good news will come soon!
  9. The website says that supplementals are sent only to those who passed their first round of review. The interview cycle started on 10/26 so they are very busy right now screening everyone. I would just keep waiting because it's a good program =]. Email or call them if it has been several months after your "complete" email. In my case, I received an invite about 2 months after my supplemental submission.
  10. It was almost 2 months for me. I received the "complete" email on Aug 8th and interview invitation on Oct 3rd. Good luck to you!
  11. I'm excited for next week :-). I'm from Garden Grove, near Disneyland haha, so it's gonna be quite a long drive. My parents are also coming along because they want to see the area, but we have to drive back immediately after the interview due to work and school the following day. I heard from Ms. Bible that there'll be about 20 other people staying the Marriott like me, so I'll look forward to meeting you guys!
  12. I just received a confirmation email from Ms. Bible that I'm scheduled for 10/23. Thank you though! I should have search for their calendar instead of trying to call for 3 days XD. Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting you guys on the 23rd! My dad and I plan to stay at the Marriott nearby, so maybe I'll be seeing some of you on the shuttle ride to Farragut Inn =].
  13. Thank you. I thought so too but just wanted to make sure before I take a day off from school. I've been trying to call admissions to schedule for the 23rd as well but had to leave a voice message. I'll try again tomorrow. To those who are still waiting, remember to email any updates that will benefit your application. I got the interview invite after I notified them of my updated direct care and volunteer hours since CASPA submission. Good luck!
  14. It seems like all the interview dates mentioned so far are on Tuesdays. Does anyone know if they offer other dates during the week or even weekend? Thank you.
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