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  1. ust got an interview at wintrhop. can you tell me a little about the interview and how it went, what to expect, questions, etc?

  2. What is your e-mail address, I will send them to you?
  3. Shoot me a PM with your e-mail address. I will forward you what information I have and try to get you the medical form that the school requires.
  4. Selam, Congrats on getting into PA school. We have all switched to a facebook page. Please join the group, there is a lot of information there. https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/175218649238027/ Telly[ QUOTE=peace_joh;321532]Hi everyone, My name is Selam and will be moving from Dallas, TX. I am really excited to meet everyone, thanks Telly for starting the thread. I graduated from UMASS with a BS - Biology. I am trying to find housing asap and I would really appreciate any info on it. Can't wait to meet everyone! Selam
  5. Hello Everyone, I received it as well. Do not go crazy buying all the books as they may change. I spoke with a couple guys who started the Sept class and they said we really don't need the books but said a couple might be helpful. I will post those on the FB page. Also just b/c they say a medi-bag doesn't mean we have to buy one of those, use what you have. As for the rest of the medical items, we do need those but look on eBay and amazon.com to get the same items cheaper. What you must buy is the medical terminology book and the anatomy dvd. Aristoteli (Telly)
  6. OK, I started a Facebook page. Here is ther link, https://www.facebook.com/groups/175218649238027/?profile_pic_upload=1&success=1#!/groups/175218649238027/ You can find me on FB by searching Aristoteli Dorizas, feel free to friend me and join the goup.
  7. Send me your e-mail address and I will forward you everything I have including the Med Term book info. I have forwarded this info to everyone else in the class, but it's too large to post here.
  8. Shoot me a PM with your e-mail and I will send you what I have. As far as books, I was told not to buy anything except the medical terminology book. Sometimes the instructors change books the last minute. I submitted my aid stuff already and should be done with it, but I'm stopping in on Wed just to make sure things are good. FYI- the first two semesters are considered under-grad.
  9. Hey Congrats and welcome to the team. With you, five of us are on this site. I sent the webpage to Jennifer Christie to pass onto students accepted. I am going to try and get everyone together next month just as an icebreaker. Also post any questions you may have or info that might help us here.
  10. I interviewed with two PA's. The interview itself wentquick maybe :30 max. I would know something about the profession, and somethingyou learned from your clinical experience. Also, be ready to write... PM me formore detailed info.
  11. The bay shore applications arent due until March so it might be a while...
  12. I stopped by the Winthrop campus today. Nothing specialthat's for sure, the class is small, but there is a little lounge area and wecan do a coffee and snack fund if we all agree. The word I received was once weare done with the first year, we will never see the inside of a classroom againat Touro. The second year classes are all distant learning for the masters withone meeting with our advisor each semester. We will also get a book list but Iwas told not to purchase anything except the medical terminology book (PM me ifyou need the details) until we meet the professor incase anything has changed. We are no longer in competition with each other to get into a program; we needto come together as a team so we can make it through this very expensive program...
  13. The last time I heard only 4 or 5 of us so far, they seat 30 in the Winthrop class. Applications are not due until tomorrow so you're not out of the game yet. I originally applied for the September class but asked to switch to Jan b/c I didn't want to rush anything.
  14. Preet, CT isn't too bad. You have it easier than Jon being on the other side of the country. I am helping him, so feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to give you useful answers. I am hoping to get some good study groups together and carpools, we will need each other to get through this so lets start now. Telly
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