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  1. I would definitely recommend everyone check out this website by PA Brian Wallace. He not only provides good topic reviews but also tips and techniques for how and when to study, do's and dont's regarding the exam, recommended review material, and other helpful ideas. He also takes the time to respond to questions and comments from everyone, including students and seasoned professionals. Check out his website and be sure to spread the word! http://www.physicianassistantexamreview.com/
  2. Never attended a PAOS conference...any thoughts or comments from those who have? Do they ever review things like understanding plates and screws i.e. small frag set, mini frag set, IM rodding and the mechanics behind them and when to use them? It's usually stuff you learn on the job but not everyone can attend an AO course....would be helpful. What aspects of trauma do they cover? Classification systems, DVT prophylactic protocols, antibiotic regimens, etc? Any thoughts would be appreciated....
  3. CME resources is excellent but in class 8-10 hrs/day x 5 days and no DVD option for home study and expensive. UMDNJ and Emory are really good. Faculty at UMDNJ are great but their nonfaculty lecturers could use some improvement, esp pharmacology. Cardio was especially helpful. Emory was also good but pulm and GI sections could have been better. Pharm and cardio lecturers were really helpful. If you could combine these 2 it would be like CME Resources. Both have their flaws and neither is perfect but they both will help in passing the exam. Checked out Hippo PA...although they claim to have a 99% pass rate (800 PAs) they have only been around for about a year. I like the idea of having fun while I learn and I checked out the free trial so I know these guys know their stuff and are funny, but I would wait until they have some more time under their belt and read reviews from other PAs. I like the idea of home study with the DVDs Emory and UMDNJ provide. You at least have the option of reviewing a lecture if necessary and don't need to worry about travelling and getting a hotel, etc. Downside is not being able to ask questions but that is why we have supervising MDs and PA colleagues... Would like to hear comments from others who have attended these courses...
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