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  1. I received an email for an interview a couple days ago. When I spoke with Julia a couple weeks ago, she said they are doing an initial review of all applicants who are NH and VT residents. After that, they may consider out of state residents if they need more students to fill the class.
  2. I started a facebook group: MSU PA Class 2015 let me know if you cannot find it!
  3. i got accepted as well! has anyone started a fb page or anything?
  4. I have not heard from the program yet, aside from a confirmation email I received in the beginning of July.
  5. I haven't heard anything yet. I'm guessing we'll hear something soon since the deadline just passed.
  6. Has anyone been invited to an interview for this coming cycle?
  7. My CASPA application is mailed and my supplemental application is submitted! I'm excited!
  8. Check out UNE's online health science courses. They offer Medical Anatomy and Physiology for Health Professions, both of which fill the prerequisite requirement for UNE's PA program.
  9. I highly recommend UNE's online courses. They are self-paced and fill all prerequisites for PA programs. However, make sure you check the prerequisite requirements with the PA programs you are interested in. Some programs do not accept online courses.
  10. Hello! I received an email two days for an interview! My CASPA application was verified on 6/24/13 and I submitted the supplemental application a little over a week ago. I will be traveling from New Hampshire! Maybe I'll see some of you there! Good luck to everyone!
  11. I recently received an invitation for an interview as well! I'm excited!
  12. drholmes - I agree! I have also been waitlisted. UNE is my top choice so I'm hoping there is still a chance! Congrats to all who have been accepted to the program!
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