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  1. Yeah I have over 2500 HCE hrs and have shadowed multiple PAs and have volunteered for 4 different orgs over the past 4 yrs. We could discuss that further but honestly what I am concerned about is whether or not I can take an online class. Swooshie, thanks, I'll have to check into it I guess!
  2. Hi everyone, This is my first time applying to PA school, straight out of undergrad (I'm 22). I have been rejected by 3/5 schools so far, and although I want to remain optimistic about the other 2, I also want to be realistic. I'm thinking that one of the major reasons I have been rejected is due to my GPA (3.13 cumulative, about 2.75 science). If that is the case, I know I could benefit by retaking some classes (slash taking some more classes such as genetics and biochemistry that would increase my range of possible schools to apply to), but I'm wondering what the reaction would be by adcom
  3. Thanks Steve... to answer your Q- why not PA school? ;) To make a long answer very short... I shadowed a lot of ortho surgeons and ortho PAs and I found that I loved the PA track a lot better- 2 years vs. 8+, more free time, a little more actual patient time, etc. etc. A few very surface-y things but add those to everything that PAs can do that doctors also do... why NOT go PA? :)
  4. This is my PS for the CASPA... does anyone know- does the 5000 character limit include spaces? I have a lot of editing to do in that case- it's 4800 characters w/o spaces otherwise. I would appreciate any constructive criticism or advice! THANKS!!! The fall was abrupt, unexpected. I lay on the hard, frigid ski slope, screaming in pain. Disheartened, I nodded as the doctor informed me that I had torn my ACL. I underwent reconstructive surgery and devoted months to my physical therapy requirements. Although recovery was slow, perseverance paid off; my injury is now a distant, yet vivid,
  5. To be honest, it's fine, but it's BORING! you need to use words that make YOU STAND OUT!!!! Everyone applying to PA school has HC experience in one way or another. You seemed to focus on your paramedic experiences- which are cool, no doubt- and how they would help you get INTO PA school. You need to emphasize what you WILL DO as a physician assistant- how are you excited about the career, what are your interests in becoming a PA, etc. Why do you want to be a PA over any other medical profession? Be more specific! Good start though. I'm just starting to write my personal statement so read
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