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  1. I am in the current class and the whole campus was closed Thursday ,Friday, and now the upcoming Monday. Not sure if that affects how fast admissions will review things.
  2. Maybe also consider perfusion school. Also genetics counseling might of interest to you.
  3. I could only imagine. Are there maybe other health careers you would be interested in? I would be afraid of putting the work, time, and money into a postbacc to find out in the end that failing out of a program will ultimately end up in an automatic rejection.
  4. I’m assuming that if you apply to other programs, you are required to disclose that you previously attended PA school and failed out?
  5. I’m really sorry to hear that. I recognize your username from a previous thread and I interviewed at the same school. Is there any exceptions that can be made? I really doubt that another program would take you knowing you failed out.
  6. I know someone who got a masters in health administration and she did a fellowship I believe in her second year. She has a good job now making $60k/year and enjoys it. It’s a completely different field than PA though and easier to get into. It’s such a broad field that getting a job shouldn’t be that difficult I’m assuming? My friend had little difficulty finding a job.
  7. Were the monroe apartments okay? My friend who went to this program said she did not like living in Monroe and ended up living in Charlotte
  8. 100% agree with this. It seems like nowadays everyone gets into PA straight from undergrad if they have a 3.6 or higher with some scribe experience - no better than the NPs who enter a direct BSN to MSN program (but at least they have to go through clinicals in the BSN program). I just think that PAs generally have much more thorough, scientific training with no "fluff" courses. Acceptance rates are also much lower than NP programs but the quality of accepted students of both NP and PA programs may be just the same.
  9. I think there are some grad school apartments next to the school, but kinda overpriced and dingy lol. But at least you don't have to commute. I just checked apartment finder and there doesn't seem to be any rooms available in the grad school apts though. You can also look on zillow/craigslist to see if someone is willing to rent their home? I toured around next to Wingate and didn't see much though. I don't think there is an accepted Facebook page for the main campus.
  10. I've lived around the area for a while. Matthews is much nicer and modern area than Monroe but a bit farther out there - around a 30 minute drive. Indian Trail is also very nice but also a 30 minute drive. Monroe is really rural, has more crime, and places are generally more run down but overall cheaper and require less commuting (20 minutes). You can also live in Charlotte which is a huge city with lots to do but will probably be a 45 minute commute and tons of traffic. A 2 bedroom goes for around 1500 in Charlotte. I think there were some apartments right next to Wingate but they were q
  11. Make sure you improve on all aspects on your application as well.. try for 2000 hours of PCE, write an excellent PS, get amazing LORS, get ECs that show leadership.. I was also a low stats applicant (3.4 gpa) and hardly scraped by this cycle. It really does get more competitive every year.
  12. Retaking classes to get a worse grade is a huge red flag. You need to retake all pre reqs you got a C or lower in and get A's. No exceptions. And then, you should take an additional year of upper level sciences classes (8-10). It's crucial you identify what you're doing wrong and fix it now. Statistically, the odds are against you as it's highly unlikely you will go from making F's and C's to all A's. That's a huge jump.
  13. Turned down my invite this week. Hope this helps someone out.
  14. for those in the upcoming cohort, did you guys already fill out FAFSA and stuff for the grad plus loans?
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