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  1. Stony brook just sent a supplemental app yesterday. Hopefully i complete it by next week. How soon am i expected to hear back after i turn in my supp app?
  2. Good luck on your interview!! The school just got my application. How long did you wait to get an interview date?
  3. I have not heard anything... not even a supp app... Caspa just verified my application last week.. what are your stats? mine is pretty low :( Science 3.29 ..cumulative 3.39 ... experience 627 and counting.
  4. Congratulations on your interview!! i'm still waiting to hear from the school... what are your stats and how long did it take to hear from them?
  5. Good luck on your exams! what are the GPAs like? the accepted students that is
  6. Interviews? updates??? I have not heard anything on my end. Please share! :)
  7. congratulations on your interview!! just turned in my application too!! i'm hoping for good news! :)
  8. :) we are so anxious!! lol... I don't think they have interviewed anyone yet.
  9. OK, thank you!! Good luck to you too!! Has caspa mailed your application?
  10. i turned in my caspa app already. I was wondering if it is okay to use the caspa essay for some of the questions in the supplemental app. I mean the caspa essay is basically the answers to the supp app. What do you think? thank you! :)
  11. congratulations on your interview invites!!!! how long did it take to hear from them?
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