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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^I was wondering the same thing. I am anxiously awaiting for Puerto Rico, since I would be thrilled to attend. I have plans to work with the Hispanic community, so this is what I need and want for me! In the future do you plan on expanding the class size? Is there plenty of Spanish speaking patient interaction? Good luck to everyone !!
  2. You stats are great !! Have you had an interview? I know what you mean about the looking past a few bad grades !! Have you attempted applying to PA schools previously? Nursing and NP is not a bad alternative ! In my case I am going to go back for my master's and re-apply if nothing happens this time around. 'Good Luck !!!
  3. Did you apply to the program in Puerto Rico? Are you fluent in Spanish or did you take some courses? I am fluent since my mother only speaks Spanish, but I never took any courses in college. I took the Spanish AP test in order to satisfy those requirements, I hope that helps. I also lived in Puerto Rico, so I would not mind going back to that wonderful island ! Good luck !! Please post if and when you receive a response. thanks !!
  4. hello everyone ! how did the interviews go? i had mine on the 16th and have not heard back. has anyone heard anything? received anything? or called cindy? good luck !!
  5. Thank you ! I greatly appreciate all the information provided. I am definitely going to practice with some physicians I shadow and family. I like to think I am "dateable", so I am hoping it all goes well !! :;;D: I am just afraid that my nerves will get the best of me !! Thanks again for all the information. If I think of anything else I will defintely post a few questions.
  6. Hi Everyone !! I am super excited now !! I just got my invitation email for an interview, I then signed in and selected September 16th as the day to interview! Anyone else receive any good news? Any tips from former applicants for interview day??? Thanks !!!
  7. Very great stats!! I am hoping to land an interview and show just that, maturity. I am 25, married and ready to start a family. I am hoping to finish my PA studies as soon as possible and continue to work in Phoenix/Glendale. Yes, the secondary was just a $60 payment. Good Luck Everyone !!!
  8. I just paid for my secondary application. I am very anxious now and waiting until September is going to torture me. Do you mind me asking what your stats were? Did you do something different this time around to make you stand out more or just applied earlier? Alternate list? Is that another term for wait list? This is my first time applying to PA school... I am going to share my stats, they are not impressive at all, but I am hoping other things will help me.... Overall GPA - 3.32 Science GPA - 2.85 I've taken : Gen. Bio., Anatomy & Physio. I and II, Microbiology, Gen. Chem, Ph
  9. Hi !


    I have been looking at information about the Chatham - Puerto Rico Cohort and you are about as close as it gets. Were you accepted into the program? Did you stay in Puerto Rico?


    I hope to hear from you soon !!


    Thanks !!

  10. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, my applications was verified very quick (24hrs). Now I am hoping it is sent off today !! When did you apply? Have you received any response yet? When you applied last time around did you get to interview? Thanks !!
  11. Hello Everyone !! I am hoping we can use this forum to keep the lines of communication open to all those who are applying this summer for acceptance in 2012. I am sure it is a long, tough process, but I am hoping this will help ease our minds a little. Stats? Programs applied to? Extracurriculars? Submitted application already? Good Luck to All !!!:=D::=D:
  12. Submitted my application yesterday (6/14/2011) !! I was waiting on my last letter of recommendation !! grr !! But I am already anxious !! They have already verified my application and it will be sent out with the next batch. I believe I read that they send out every Friday, but do not quote me. Has anyone been to AT Still on a tour? How many other programs did you apply to? Well I hope we can all keep in contact about this grueling process !! Good Luck to All !!!! :=D::=D::=D:
  13. Hello Everyone !! I was hoping we could keep this open for discussion to those who have applied to the Chatham University Puerto Rico Cohort for the 2012 cycle. Let's just discuss the application process, questions, concerns, or just chit-chat ! Good Luck to All !!!!! :=D::;;D::;-D:
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