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  1. Flying Squirel, I know that for individuals choosing to accept their position the deposit is due on December 5th and then becomes non-refundable after January 5th. Hopefully, you will here after Dec or Jan 5th.
  2. Does anyone know if Northeastern waits until they interview everyone before accepting applicants or do they work on a rolling admissions? I interviewed on October 14/15 and thought that it went well.. still haven't heard anything. Has anyone heard back about acceptance decisions?
  3. Does anyone know when the last interview dates are? The email I received said Nov 5 and 6th, but I am wondering if it has changed since then. Some previous posters said that we should not anticipate an admissions decision until Nov. 15-16, have other people heard this same date at their interview sessions? The wait is killing me! Good luck to everyone and congrats to those who have been accepted already :-)
  4. Hello everyone! I am interviewing today in the afternoon session.. I am from CT and will be taking the 9 am ferry over. I will probably end up getting to the hospital around 10:45a-11a. If anyone wants to meet up for coffee or a light brunch let me know. Either email me at nsparikh88@gmail.com or text me 203.907.7760. Thanks Nisha P
  5. Hello! I am currently applying to PA school and have a few questions for practicing PAs: What do you personally think is the most important quality of a PA program? Do you think that a "big name" program helps your chances of getting a job? Did you have 4, 5 or 6 week clinical rotations? Which do you think is better - getting experience in a wide variety of fields or building knowledge in specific fields? Go to a program with good PANCE rates because of low tuition cost? Also, from your experiences when it is it better to graduate (a program that ends in May, August or December). Does one graduation date give you an advantage over another? Thanks in advance!!
  6. Wow!! It is seems like a great loss.. you seem like a great candidate and I am sure you will get into plenty of awesome programs! Best of luck!
  7. Just got accepted to QU and interviewed on September 10th. Good luck to everyone that applied!
  8. Hi all! I also received an invitation today and will be interviewing on October 20th! I received the initial September 30th email and not the October 14th so hopefully everyone else will be hearing back soon. Also my stats were 3.7 GPA Biomedical Science, graduated in 2010, 3000+ HCE, 500 Volunteer hours and doing clinical research now
  9. I called to check on my application status and was told that we should be hearing back in a week or so (if you received the initial September 30th date). I do not know if the individuals who received the Oct 14th email received the previous as well.. but hopefully we will all be hearing back next week! Good luck everyone!
  10. hey guys.. so it seems like some people have received a date as to when they should receive notification and some have not? I got an email way back in July that says that I should expect to receive notification after September 30th. The people who received the notification for October, did you guys get the previous email as well? It may just be that they are reviewing applications as they come in..
  11. I live in CT.. I think I will staying at my cousin's house for the interview she lives about 20 minutes outside of proper Boston.. any suggestions in terms of getting around (train, the best?). Also, I know they provided a parking pass/letter for Friday, but does anyone know the parking situation Saturday morning? Thanks!! and Good luck!!
  12. Hi guys! I am sure that everyone will hear with due time! Personally though, I know I am getting sick of the waiting game. I was really early with all of my applications and I don't know the exact date that I applied but I know it was early in June/July some time. Good luck everyone!! Is anyone familiar with NE's interview process? If so, any insight or tips would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Just got my invitation (in the mail) to interview for Oct 14-15... I am excited. Anyone else hear back yet?
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