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  1. I got accepted too, what is the facebook name? I would like to join!!
  2. Anybody on here that has already been accepted? I just placed my deposit for the class of 2014, and would love to meet my future classmates!! :) Good luck on your interviews to all those who have them scheduled!!
  3. Hi! I'm so sorry to bother you, but I noticed that you were very active on here. I have a couple questions regarding Midwestern, I am really sort of torn between schools and would like some of your insight if possible. I was recently notified of acceptance, which is SOOO EXCITING, but I'm worried about the expense of the program. I was also acceptance to Philadelphia University, which is also a great program and fairly similar in expense. I loved both educational environments, but I would much rather stay closer to home and live in the Chicago-land area. I guess my question is.. do you think that you are getting a great education and is the expense worth it? How are you and your peers managing to pay for it (tuition and rent)? The thought of so much debt is very intimidating, but I want to be a Physician Assistant by all means and I value a great education. I would really appreciate your advice. Thank you so much!

  4. Congratulations on getting the interview! The interview was pretty relaxed, I thought. They do a wonderful job of making sure everyone is comfortable and can truly express themselves without nerves getting in the way! Good luck!!
  5. I received an interview invite on the 14th and am awaiting an interview set date. Has anyone gone through the process with Wayne State's PA program before? I'm so nervous and excited!!! Good luck to you all with your interviews!
  6. I haven't heard anything yet... waiting game I suppose!
  7. What are your names? I'm not sure if you would be okay with this, but maybe we could find each other on Facebook. My name is Camelia Barbat, but I'm on Fbook as Bella Rose. Please feel free to say hello, I would be so excited to meet my future classmates!
  8. I was also accepted! We all need to chat about living/what to look forward to and whatnot once the time nears. Congratulations!!
  9. I've applied. Playing the waiting game now...
  10. That would be amazing :) What time is your interview at?
  11. I also received a phone call about next week's interview! So excited/nervous :) Good Luck gaines24!
  12. Hey, we talking about the Towson PA program right? I received an interview invite in early August and request to fill out the supplemental.. but after doing so I was notified that I have to wait for them to get all of that information and give me further information. Anyone else in the same position?
  13. I received mine as well yesterday. However, I was unable to update my High School since I am from out of state and I don't know my HS #.. Will have to figure that out. Won't it also take a little while for them to receive all of our transcripts?
  14. I received an email also a little while back stating that they have gotten my application... Still no word though from any program I've applied to.
  15. I applied to CMU as well and have not heard back yet. They just recently let me know that my app. was complete. Waiting game.. :(
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