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  1. Hi, I'm registered for the pilot. I saw cme4life had a study guide that is outlined for the new blueprint and was looking into that but, not sure if it was worth the cost. I've heard not that much time to look up anyways
  2. I'm also nervous about starting the first 25 question sections as well. I haven't had any spare time to study for it and was hoping to look up as I go. I can't believe how fast January and February went by and the first quarter deadline is March 13. So, I've been stressing about it and not sure what to do. I was looking into cme4life study guide that is all laid out for what to know for each section with the new blueprint. But, not sure if it's worth it especially if there isn't time to look up.
  3. I have study guides and questions/answers if anyone wants extra study material
  4. PACKRATS Forms 8-16 http://www.scribd.com/doc/97669001/PANCE-PANRE
  5. If I could get a copy of whatever you have, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much!! millervapa@gmail.com
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