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  1. Hi, I realize this thread is a few months old but hopefully you'll see it. While I don't have a specific question about your residency program, I was hoping to pick your brain as far as study resources. I recently started a pediatric surgery job and am looking for any good reference material. I'll be covering pretty much the full spectrum once me and another new hire get up to speed (floor, OR, clinic). I'm looking good resources mostly for the inpatient management of kids, but would love any input for what you or anyone else may feel is beneficial. Thanks for any advice you can send my way.
  2. The salary seems pretty low to me. I'm a new grad in pediatric surgery making just north of 100K as a base. I do realize surgery can be a different pay scale when comparing to primary care (but 25K seems to be a big discrepancy), and the geographic area I live in is more generous than some of the rest of the country. Don't sell yourself short. A huge red flag I see is the inability to give you a definite path to attaining the bonus, otherwise it is just a carrot for them to dangle in front of you just out of reach.
  3. I agree,I was pleasantly surprised with the numbers. This is in Alaska. Again, I don't have definite numbers for the general surgery job. Believe it or not, I actually got those numbers from the person who offered me the position for the ortho job, as they have hired other PAs from the hospital.
  4. Thank you for the responses and for the heads up with the NHSC requirements, I'll definitely look into that. For whatever reason, I was told that the job was considered outpatient though I honestly have no idea how. HR indicated there were 3 or 4 different programs to apply for and the position qualified for some and not others. It is an IHS site. Thanks again!
  5. Hi everyone, I’m looking for some advice on a 2 different offers I just received. I am a recent grad and this will be my first position out of school. One is in ortho and the other is in general surgery. The ortho job is part of a private, large and well-established ortho clinic. I would be working mostly with a hand/upper extremity doc with 50/50 split of OR and clinic. I would also cross train with a sports med and a total joint doc the first year or so in order to have a more broad skillset. Hours are pretty normal business hours Monday-Friday depending on cases booked. The general surgery job would be for a local hospital that I’m pretty sure qualifies as underserved and HIS, even though it is in a good sized city. Duties would be mostly inpatient post of care, 3-6 hours of clinic per week, with some potential OR time (though less than ortho as there are residents present). Ortho offer Base salary: $100,000 – I was told an annual raise of $5,000 is pretty normal with a cap on the base salary of $130,000 Bonus: discretionary for the first 2 years, 5% of collections after that, was told that all of the current PAs easily collect 300K+, making a $15K bonus attainable. Profit sharing after first year. Call: $50 to carry pager, $100 per case while on call Vacation: 7 paid holidays, 4 weeks vacation Health insurance: $28/paycheck, looking into the cost of adding my wife Retirement: 401K Roth and traditional available after 1 year. Was told that the docs tend to contribute to this even without an employee contribution in order to max out their own accounts, typically contributing 5-8% of my base (though I admittedly don’t completely understand this). Malpractice, licenses, dues, and cell phone paid for by the group General surgery offer I haven’t yet gotten an official letter from them but the chief surgeon told me he asked HR to extend an offer, so I’ll give all the info I know and fill it in as I get it. Salary: easily 6 figures, and I’ve heard upwards of $130K (though that sounds surprisingly high to me, but maybe I’ll get pleasantly surprised), flat rate with no bonus Retirement: 403b available, not sure of match The hospital does not offer loan repayment, but qualifies for multiple federal loan repayment programs (NHSC, IHS, etc.) that have to be applied for. One of the current PAs receives this now and gets $40k every 2 years. So, while this is not guaranteed it is encouraging as I have significant student loans. Call: none due to residents taking all call. Possible need to cover weekends when residents are transitioning rotations but would get compensated with time off the next week Vacation: accrue 6 hours per pay period, I think starting with 4 weeks Health insurance: medical paid roughly 75% which would be about $200 per month for me and my wife depending on plan chosen. Vision and dental fully covered. Licensing and malpractice covered by the hospital. In all honesty, I feel like I would be happy with either job. The ortho position definitely has more room for growth financially, but is much more specialized and I’m a little nervous about becoming ortho-dumb, even though I’m sure I would be happy in ortho. The general surgery position doesn’t have the same earning potential down the road, but the potential loan repayment is appealing. Also, I would still medically manage patients and not loose all of the medical knowledge I spent the last 2 years for, and the skills learned in general surgery would probably be more transferrable 5-10 years down the road if I ever choose to change jobs. Thank you for reading this long post and for any advice or thoughts. Cheers
  6. Thank you all for your responses so far. Just to make matters a little more complicated, I also just recently interviewed with a pediatric surgery group at a local hospital and it sounds like it could be a pretty good job if I get an offer. Pros: The position is employed by the hospital I worked at for about 5 years prior to PA school, and I know its a good place to work. A new surgeon is starting in the next month or two and was in charge of training PAs in their previous position, so I think there would be a strong educational component. I spoke with the PA I would be replacing and they spoke very highly of the job but were interested in moving to another specialty. I would be the only PA so I would first assist on all OR cases (no residents) and would manage the patients on the floor. The schedule seems the nicest out of the options I've seen so far with 4- 10 hour shifts with 1 weekend of call per month with opportunities to pick up more if I wanted to earn a little extra. Cons: The department is in a bit of a transition period with the new surgeon starting after the previous surgeon chose to go into private practice. The hospital is non-profit, so the salary sounds like it would be mid to high 90K, I and would probably top out rather quickly (roughly 2 years from what the previous PA told me). I would be the only PA in the department as the other is leaving in a month (though they plan on eventually hiring 4 total along with a second surgeon). I know pediatric surgery is quite specialized, but I feel that the experience may be transferrable later in my career. Any thoughts?
  7. Hello, I am hoping to get some advice/opinion on potential first jobs as a new grad. I recently graduated and have interviewed for a number of drastically different positions. I have been told that I was a top candidate for a couple of them and felt good about all of them, but have not gotten an official offer for any yet. However, I want to be prepared if/when I do. The three jobs I have interviewed for are: Orthopedic/spine surgery: a large, multi-specialty practice with about 12 physicians and 15 PAs. This would be a good learning environment with a well-established and growing practice. They offer a competitive salary (100K+, profit sharing, % of billed) and good benefits. I have a background in sports medicine and orthopedics and know that I would enjoy both the work (clinic and OR time) and the physicians I would be working with. Sounds like normal hours with occasional long days depending on OR cases, no first call. My biggest concern is becoming so specialized right out of school, as one of the biggest draws of becoming a PA was the lateral mobility Cardiothoracic surgery: this is in a smaller practice, but is looking to expand. I’m not sure about the compensation but imagine it would be competitive. The physician understands I’m a new grad and sounds very willing to teach and seems understanding about the learning curve. Also, most of the time would be hospital based rounding and eventually OR first assisting, which I enjoy more than clinic. The downside again being specialization early, though I feel the critical care experience would be beneficial/transferable. The schedule is also a little odd working 10 on, 4 off (unsure of the daily hours), plus call. Correctional medicine: this would be more a primary care/outpatient (as outpatient as prisoners can get) with a broad range of acute to chronic illnesses. I also have a background as an ER tech and enjoy the ED, so I feel this would be the closest I could get in the city I’m living. This is a state job, so good salary ~95k with good benefits, 7 on 7 off schedule and no call. I think this would give a good work/life balance and give the broadest experience right out of school. The downside is that it is essentially a solo provider job with 24-hour support by phone and typically some face to face contact with the SP for a couple hours Monday-Friday, which is a little concerning right out of school. I know I would be forced out of my comfort zone and again would face a steep learning curve, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I think I would learn a lot in any of these positions and would enjoy different aspects. My biggest concern is a good learning environment and a good launching point for a long career. Again I have no official offers but want to have an idea of what I would do if I were fortunate enough to get offers at all three. I know this is a long post, so thank you for any advice and opinions.
  8. I just got an acceptance from the waitlist this afternoon, so there is definitely movement off the waitlist. Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear.
  9. As long as we're counting add me to the number of people that were wait listed. I think that brings us to at least 5 on the list.
  10. I was also wait listed, so there are at least three of us.
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