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  1. Seeking flight providers (DO, MD, PA-C, or NP) with ER, critical care and/or trauma surgery experience to join our team in southeast NM Bring tertiary level care to critically ill and injured patients by cutting edge medicine in a prehospital and rural environment by practicing advanced skills, including but not limited to: Video Laryngoscopy, RSI, RSA, Airway Endoscopy, Cricothyrotomy, Thoracostomy, Clam shell Thoracotomy, Pericardiocentesis, Escharotomy, & Lateral Canthotomy, REBOA Mechanical Ventilation, Medication Administration, Initiation and maintenance of IV Infusions, Blood Product Administration, Central and Arterial Line Access/Monitoring Impella and IABP Maintenance Toco-Monitoring ECG Acquisition/Interpretation, Defibrillation/Cardioversion/TCP EFAST and other ultrasound examinations
  2. So I actually work full time as a flight PA for a company that uses a provider/paramedic model AND we are currently hiring. It is in a remote area of NM but we have people that commute from across the country. http://transaeromedevac.org/careers.html Let me know if you are interested or have any questions.
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