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  1. I agree with umbPA, that is a great personal statement! I didn't want to stop reading. You will get interviews with that personal statement! Please update us with your progress.
  2. I thought people were supposed to go to PA school because they want to be a PA, not to be a MD or DO? I'm going to PA school because I want to be a PA. It was tough to get into PA school and I could've spent the same energy trying to get into medical school but I chose PA. I hope I don't have a bunch of medical school wannabes in my class this fall :/ Also, a Master's degree that pays $90K isn't bad at all. I plan on trying to earn more and will try to grow in the profession.
  3. DAH! This makes me mad! I was told by a PA admissions committee member that it's easier to get into the medical school than the PA school (percent applied/percent accepted).
  4. HAHA! That's awesome. I guess I will be the trendsetter this year, thanks to you ;)
  5. Timon- I actually like that bag! I might get two--one for my medical supplies and one for my toiletries!
  6. Ok thanks! I didn't want to go overboard if its not something that is needed but I don't want to look like the a hobo. lol
  7. Hi everyone! I have to buy a medical bag to keep all my equipment in for the first year. There are so many different kinds when I look on allheart.com or other websites. What bag do you recommend? I want a small, yet sufficient, and maybe even a "cute" bag. (Yes, I am a girl.)
  8. Oops, disregard my comment--I see it was addressed on Facebook. I guess I should look on that more often! ha! :)
  9. I haven't heard anything in months, but I got in somewhere else thankfully! Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks, Idahogirl. If you don't mind, when I find a place I might run it by you to make sure its a safe area. Caldwell students--I just found out that College of Idaho is building a new athletic center and it will be ready in August! Yay!
  11. emurphy- Are you going to stay in Boise? If not, where are you looking to live?
  12. Has anyone else been accepted to the Caldwell campus? I will be moving from out-of-state and was wondering if anyone had any housing advice. Also, I have a daughter, so if anyone knows anything about the school systems in the Caldwell area I would appreciate some help. Thanks fellow classmates!!!
  13. Accepted!! Caldwell campus! Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
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