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  1. Oh wow! That's so soon, and exciting! Everyone please be sure to post when you get an interview :)
  2. That's good to know, thanks for sharing that with us. As someone stated previously, the admissions were not "rolling," meaning they were not going to begin reviewing applications til after October 1st.
  3. Interviews will be held in November/December, from past years' information, it seems that interview offers are extended around Halloween.
  4. do they extend offers for interviews via email? i have reason to believe my MyBarry account isn't working properly lol. I am also very sorry to hear about those who received rejection letters. My application is still in limbo, somewhere...
  5. Well, my whole family lives in SC, but I am an Ohio resident. I'd love to finally move down there!
  6. It will definitely be worth it!! Keep working hard :) Good things come to those who wait... that's what I'm trying to remind myself. From past years' threads, it seems like MUSC sends out invitations for interviews around Halloween. Keep in touch!
  7. Hope everyone is doing well, we are all very anxious at this point, I am sure. Anyone received any interview invites yet? I received an email today that my application is now under review (over a month after my CASPA was mailed). Let's keep each other updated! :)
  8. It's a little late in the cycle right now, keep doing what you're doing, and by next year, you'll be golden. If you continue working as a CNA for another year, you'll be able to meet a lot of the schools' 1000 hour requirements, thus you'd have a broader spectrum available to you. You really want to work on bringing up that science GPA, it'll be worth it in the end and save you a lot of money this year!
  9. Yes, call before 5 pm, that's when the actual technicians are there to work on resetting your account, even though the IT desk/tech support is available late at night. When I called, the lady said they'd work on it, and within a day or so I received an email that it had been finished. Mine works fine now!
  10. I know they don't use CASPA, but a lot of these online applications with word limits don't save anything over the character/word limit when you submit it.
  11. I went to a liberal arts school. I loved it too LOL.
  12. A lot of these programs have concordance charts, so to speak, or when evaluating your transcript, they quickly look up the course description from your school's website. They'll see it then, even if it's not explicitly stated on your transcript.
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