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  1. Make sure you do good in your pre-req's. If you a get one or two "C's" in a science class, don't beat yourself up for it. I applied with a 3.3 gpa. Although its not awesome, it's decent enough to be competitive (but obviously the higher the gpa the better). The thing I think got me an interview was my experience as an EMT. I worked as an EMT for 3 years. I was also very involved in my fraternity, school activities, Pre-pa society. I also volunteered a lot at habitats for humanity, march of dimes and big brother big sister. Also, I had a like 20 something hours shadowing a PA. I think having an awesome essay will help too. Think about it, what will differentiate yourself from all the other students applying with a 3.5+ gpa?...the essay. Put how bad you want to be a PA, and what things in your life have gotten you to choose this career. Remember, the staff are all PA's and doctors...and you are asking to be part of an exclusive profession. Impress them through words, especially if your gpa is not on the higher end. I got the feeling that they are looking more for a well rounded student that has a personality than a bookworm that has a 4.0 but no healthcare experience and no group interaction/volunteering. Don't spend a couple hours on the essay. spend days or weeks on it..make it so good that they are intrigued and HAVE to meet you and interview you. Once you get the interview, your pretty much in (as long as you don't completely freeze or say something insulting lol...atleast that's how i looked at it)....the interview is just the staff's chance to see how your personality is and how well you will fit in the program. let me know if you have any more questions. good luck!
  2. hey guys! congrats on those who have gotten accepted!! if you are on the waitlist...keep your heads up. you have the advantage of an early interview so if anyone rejects an acceptance you'll be the first one called. It's been awhile since i checked the forums but believe me I was in the same boat last year, so if you have any questions...I got your back. -Luis C/O 2015
  3. I got an interview invite for wednesday feb 6th. i declined it because I chose another program. Good luck to everyone! if anyones wondering I applied CASPA late september and just received the invite this week.
  4. anyone else accepted? lol im excited to meet everyone already
  5. just got an email for interview invite at 8am jan 9th. not sure if i'll go though since i've already been accepted somewhere else.
  6. i joined it my first semester. it didn't get me involved with anything. seems like its one of those "pay just to say your in it" type of thing. i joined a cultural fraternity and did a lot of community service with my fraternity. helped out a lot.
  7. I got a C in 2 pre-req's. still got in. just make sure you dont get more than that or it'll bring your gpa down by alot. make sure you join a lot of clubs and be active in school/hce. my gpa wasn't the greatest but i worked as an emt and was involved in school. most schools look for an overall great candidate (or atleast in my program they did )
  8. i joined a facebook group. my name is luis. not sure if im in the one you created lol
  9. ^^ congrats on the invite candice! best of luck on your interview!
  10. My interview was pretty chill. we had to take a essay at the beginning (something about why loyalty and respect are important for PA profession) then we had a tour. Then the interview. tips: look sharp. Get a nice fitted suit. I wore a black semi pin stripped suit with a blue shirt and checker dark blue tie. I printed out my resume and gave it to them. I prepared for every question with a book called "how to ace the physician assistant interview" (it had a lot of possible questions and best answers, along with tips) be sure you can answer "why PA?" and "tell me about yourself" I actually thought I over prepared with all the ethical questions but they didn't ask me anything like that. They asked about my EMT experience (make sure you have a good story) and my volunteer experience. It was more of a conversation than an interview. Just be sure to be confident and smile. relax.
  11. check out the applicant stat page...you'll land an interview with those stats. then its up to your interview to see if you are socially awkward.
  12. yes! me too! I interviewed today and got a call from claudia!! I'm IN!! SO EXCITED!! congrats rware!
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