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  1. nmaski - you are so right, LOL, I was in the sept. interviews !!! I don't know why I thought I was in Aug. ???
  2. Hey Anna, I was in the aug 25 group too at 10:00 ! Looking forward to meeting you again !
  3. Nmaski buddy thanks for your words of encouragement and your trust in me !!! It meant a lot when I was soooo anxious !!! I am soooooo happy too !!!! heres to two wonderful years with you and everyone else !!! If previous students are to be believed , we will be seeing each other as much, if not more than our families, so here's to a new family - Class of 2014 !!! Thanks SRN-PA and yes I too believe that we should start a Facebook page, infact why not do a little get together, how many of you are local ? we could meet at starbucks or panera or any such place ! looking forward to meeting you all !!!
  4. I got the interview invite e-mail too from AACC today !! Don't think will be going to AACC as just got accepted to Towson, but good luck to all of you interviewing at AACC ! I am sure you will do great as getting interview invites is a battle half won !!
  5. CLASS OF 2014 ---------- HERE I COME !!!!!!!!!!! I just saw the e-mail today that I have been accepted !! Hooray !!! Looking forward to joining you all !!
  6. Thanks tristone for your words of encouragement ! I really appreciate it ! I sincerely hope that we all get in !! Chealy that's good news, congrats ! That means CCbc still has some openings ! Good luck to us all ! And don't forget to keep on updating, it means a lot to talk to someone who is going through the same thing !
  7. Summer part I ie either end of may or very early June ! Check the CCbc website, it mentions the dates of summer semester ! Heard anything yet ?
  8. OK guys , now you got me worried !! My interview was sept. 28 , didn't hear anything from them as yet ! Just today received an e-mail from Towson univ. Saying that my application is now complete and will be evaluated by program director which will take 2-6 weeks !! So now my question is if they take their sweet time in evaluating my application, and if indeed I am/ was selected in my interview, will I lose my seat ?? Or will be bumped and put on waiting list ? Will CCbc hold my seat until my application is processed ? Tried calling ms. Shaw but it was almost 5 pm, so will try tomorrow ! I was thinking of personally meeting the director to find out what's happening ! I don't want to lose my seat just because Towson took so long processing my application ( if I am indeed selected, hopefully ) !! Please advice !! Thanks to all
  9. Hi nmaski ! No problem, you know this wait is worse than waiting for the interview ! I am checking my e-mail like crazy ! And now adding mailbox to the list too lol, but yes it's true as long as it's good news, I'll take anything - phone call, e-mail, mail or verbally, lol ! Thanks for replying ! Dy4291 - let's start our runs to the mailbox , hopefully we will all get good news soon !
  10. I agree with you dy4291 ! The last batch of Aug. Interviews got their acceptance e-mails a week later, so when are they going to send out for sept. Batch ? Hang in there, hopefully soon we will get to hear good news !
  11. Hello guys anyone heard anything from CCbc , all those who interviewed on sept. 28 ???
  12. Congrats nmaski !!!! I am sooooo happy for you !! I sure hope I get to join you too ! Keeping my fingers crossed ! So did you get an e-mail or a letter and when was it dated ??
  13. Hi nmaski and iheart ! Good luck to all of us , I hope we all get into one program or another ! Nmaski there were about 9-10 people in my group, don't know the total number who were interviewed that day ! Checking my e-mails like crazy !! Iheart do you know when you will hear a definite answer ? AACC interviews are sooooooo late ! Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best ! Tc and don't give up hope, we all will hear good news shortly ......hang in there !
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