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  1. I just discovered this thread today and it's been a really great read. I'm matriculating to AMC for its PA program in January - really excited, but also very, very nervous. I've spent the last few years working as an EMT and in the ER of a level 2 trauma hospital as an ER tech. I don't know if emergency medicine is where I want to end up yet, but it's definitely something I've considered because of my pre-PA experiences. If I decided to do emergency medicine, I figured I'd probably have to either do a fellowship or work in a less saturated location where I might have a shot at getting a job in
  2. Wow that's so nice that they drove you to the airport! I don't think we got a chance to see the simulation labs when I went.
  3. Thank you very much for your descriptive answers Alexa - you have been very helpful. How would you describe the overall student community and atmosphere? Do most people get along and work well together as a team or is it very competitive? When I went for my interview everyone seemed to get along really well. Do you feel like the program is very supportive and fair when it comes to grades and testing/assessments?
  4. Thank you for your help! I think I got two from 97% of the 39 students who took the exam and came up with about 37 people. It must be more like 97.44% if its just one person. Do you know if the shuttle runs 24/7, at least during the week, and is there sufficient parking in the student lots? I understand you may not know if you live within walking distance. Do you generally feel safe on the campus? In my mind, students may not go home until late at night when its dark out (10-11pm maybe?), so I wondered if the parking shuttle runs only at certain times of the day.
  5. Anyone know whereabouts they send students for clinical rotations? Do they keep them local or all over the state?
  6. I have two questions for any current/past students. 1) What is the parking situation like? Is it hard to park with so many people in that area? 2) I noticed that the school's stats dropped a little this past year. It looks like 3 students left and 2 didn't pass the PANCE. What happened there? Also, do they try to keep rotations within an hour or so of the program? I believe that's what they told me but just wanted to confirm.
  7. I think the PA admission teams would cry if the essays were allowed to be longer. :p I had many different drafts because I kept cutting back. 5,000 characters was a challenge, but its reasonable.
  8. That's what I did in 2014 for Jan 2016 start date. It wasn't really inconvenient - I just did it along with the rest of my applications. But it sounds like you could still apply early 2016 for a later interview date.
  9. Okay thank you!! This makes me feel much better haha. Like I said, it just seems all too good to be true - the reputation, the price, the PANCE rates, and graduation rates, etc. I'm really glad I found this school!
  10. This seems like a really awesome program. I just had a quick question in regards to tuition.... I've noticed that AMC's tuition is a little cheaper than most programs (like in the ballpark of 20k cheaper overall). I was just curious how the program keeps its tuition so low compared to other programs. I'm definitely not complaining about cheaper :-). I wondered if its because the program is just that good and has developed a very efficient system compared to others, or if there's any major drawback (like a too good to be true kinda thing) - maybe current students would know? If I had to gu
  11. The majority of the people I work with do 80+ hrs per week for a fraction of what a PA makes - 40-50 hrs is a huge improvement.
  12. ^ Problem with engineering is that after about 5-7 years, its cheaper to hire new grads then re-train old ones as technologies change. My parents are both in engineering and strongly advised me to choose something else. I like what PA's do and after working jobs making like $12-13 an hour, a PA salary just working 40 hours per week is gonna seem like a fortune to me. At least in the medical field, experience seems to be valued. Things will change no matter what field you go into - just be open to change and persistent with finding a job that you like. I know many people who fall into a gr
  13. Your home health experience will probably count, but I'd recommend taking those skills you've learned and getting a job in a healthcare facility or hospital when possible. You'll get more exposure to different kinds of patients and medical issues, and you'll have more of an opportunity to work as part of a team alongside other healthcare providers. But your home health experience could still be great to talk about in an interview or personal statement. Maybe bridge your experiences to working on an oncology floor in a hospital? Your science GPA definitely needs a few band-aids, but it soun
  14. Depends where you applied and what you did for experience.
  15. You can draw blood in the ER as a tech sometimes.
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