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  1. One of the many challenges of in hospital medicine and surgery is that our production is lost due to the credit getting susummed by the attending/surgeon. I was brainstorming with the lead PA at my hospital and came up with the idea of assigning a pseudo RVU value to work accomplished with values assigned to assorted tasks. The hope being to attach a RVU figure to a FTE value A short list of possible number generating values Charting time culled from EMR First assist as a ratio from surgeons RVU Post op/global visits as a ratio of surgeons RVU Has anyone
  2. Hmm you mean he is signing charts on pt's that he has never seen? failure to follow "incidence to" to the letter can bite them very hard "clawbacks and all", might even have whistleblower properties
  3. DRE yearly, however the newer tests are not all that valuable and help massage the risk when faced with a elevated PSA, in fact many of them use total and free PSA as the bulk of the diagnostic value in their algorithm. I find them useful only in the equivocal cases. But ask any Urologist, PSA is definitely recommended
  4. Any updates Urology has a limited pool to choose from as many PA's are not interested, that should help for negotiations I just had a opening offer of 120, in the north East
  5. I am not saying that the didactic year in pa school can stand in for MS1&2, but it does stand for something no? hence an appropriate adaptation should be available. I for one went to a solo PA school without an attached MD school at that time
  6. My point regarding the masters level and multiple specialty practice is obliquely referencing the need for an accelerated program that does not limit the potential residency opportunities. One of the replies stated that MS1 was unlike anything that PA school had to offer. Really? If am not mistaken many PA schools have the students taking many of the same courses as the MD/DO students.
  7. Thank you for the replies, I will amend the text accordingly. my intent regarding poorly received was not meant to malign the the success or the product of LECOM, rather the poor uptake of PA's actually joining this program
  8. The following is the text of the Email sent to the dean... As you very well may know there are over 100K active PA's with more then half holding Masters degree in nearly every conceivable field of medicine barring a select few, there is 1 bridging program that have been somewhat poorly received, (see link below) I think secondary to several failures. An ideal program would not require prior aptitude testing such as the MCAT, rather a recognition of the knowledge and clinical skills of the certified PA. In addition the length of didactic aspect should reflect the baseli
  9. So assuming that 18 months would be needed for step 1, that would mean an additional 12 months for step 2. This is predicated on minimal length of 2.5 years. Is that the consensus?
  10. 1. I am unaware of the minimum requirements 2. this is an established School, I wonder if that counts 3. why the need for a full clinical year (I see little need for clinical rotations other then networking) 4. If the minimum would be 2.5 years, how would you want it structured
  11. I have recently had a interesting discussion with a medical school Dean on the east coast that is interested in developing a bridge program. I would go for a program that had these attributes No MCAT required PA's with at least 5 maybe more experience A duration of no more than 2 years Step 1 to taken at end of 1st year Step 2 at end of 2nd year Ability to gain entry into all available residencies (I would imagine that the prior PA experience would give us a leg up) Isn't excessive in cost What in your opinion should this progra
  12. not too bad it was about 4 weeks
  13. The thumb sign is a easy and quick test to help you rule in marfans or marfanoid syndromes
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