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  1. They do accept A&P from 2 year schools. They must have recently changed their minds, because when I applied last year, it was supposed to be the last year in which they would accept it from a 2 year school.
  2. There is a group! http://www.facebook.com/groups/328339007183980/
  3. I interviewed on September 30th and still haven't heard. I guess they didn't like me!
  4. Awesome! Congrats! Will you definitely be attending?
  5. Whoops. This should say that I interviewed on 10/14-10/15.
  6. Their "official" stance is that acceptance letters will be sent out in January. However, they do give the impression that some people will hear back rather quickly, which is obviously the case. On the first day of your interview session you will meet with some current students. The students I met with basically said the same thing, that some of their classmates heard back really soon, while others didn't get accepted until January. So while some may get accepted sooner than others, not hearing back from them right away doesn't mean you weren't accepted! As far as the actual interviewing goes, that is all on the second day. The first day you sit in on a pharmacology class (which is awesome, by the way), and then meet with some of the program directors to discuss the program and financial aid, etc. You then split into smaller groups and meet with some current students. After lunch comes essay writing and an aptitude test. I believe the interviews are scheduled from 8-12, but I was out of there before 10am. Like I said before, the interviews are really laid back and more of a conversation than anything. They already know how smart everyone there is and what they've accomplished, now they just want to see what everyone is like as a person. So I really suggest just relaxing and being yourself, rather than worrying about coming up with a perfect answer to any questions they might ask you.
  7. Their interview style was awesome! You'll be assigned three interviewers, each of which you will meet with 1 on 1 for approximately 15 minutes. It's really just a conversation, without any of those classic interview questions. They really want you to just be yourself and show your personality.
  8. Just got my acceptance letter in the mail today! I interviewed on 9/30. Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear!
  9. It took four days for them to tell me I was selected for an interview.
  10. Crazy! They said it'd be mid-December at the earliest. She said in another thread that she interviewed 9/30, which is when I did as well. Congrats!
  11. Got my invitation in the mail today! I'm just a few miles north of Boston.
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