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  1. If I were you I would run to an employment lawyer with that contract copy and ask his/her opinion ASAP if you're serious about it.
  2. I'm just curious.... I am taking an NRCME online course right now for DOT. I start my new position in Occ Med and UC soon. How long did you study the NRCME materials after taking the course before you took the exam? I did a NRCME practice test before even knowing any of the material and got a 61%, so I'm not too worried about the test at the moment..... Just kind of want the test phase out of the way.
  3. Hello to my neighbor, mgriffiths! Unfortunately, my husband's layoff before I graduated PA school combined with my extended time to look for a job in an NP-saturated city meant that we ate through all of our savings (that we planned to use to buy a home). He has a job, but it still comes just shy of paying all the bills despite how Spartan we are living and the zero going out to eat. My husband and I are going to live in this craptastic rental house a bit longer and repair our credit fast with my upcoming PA salary and move sometime in the first part of the new year. Still, save what you can and let us know what you come up with! I will be out looking for those loans in the near future. Leave me some breadcrumbs, would ya?! ;)
  4. I am barely older than you, ammelton, and I am a second career PA. I had the unfortunate situation, however, where my first career was a route I took to be closer to practicing medicine. I was a medical translator for over 10 years. And you are NEVER too old to start. While I was something like the 3rd-5th oldest in my class in a class of 90, I can tell you that there are 50-somethings in each class, and one class I know of had a woman who was almost 70 years old. Some started with kids, others entered PA school right out of undergrad - fresh-faced and new to the working world. Message me if you want to talk. I don't have kids, but husband and I were financially supporting my parents and siblings before I entered PA school. Additionally, I was taking online and night classes to catch up on some old pre-reqs. So I know what it feels like.
  5. I just heard from my new employer - a large hospital corporation - that HR thinks that it will take up to 90 days for me to be added to insurance payors after my credentialing paperwork is sent to them. I figured that as a new PA there would be fewer issues as far as the insurance was concerned because there are no disputes or claims, etc, against me. Also, the workplace does not accept Medicaid patients. How long does it take? Or how long did it take for you? I am concerned about being without a job over the holidays. I expected to start in November, but the doctor went on vacation before signing my SP forms. Ugh. Times are already financially tough in my household for my family.
  6. I have been looking in my area for a position for almost a year. Had quite a few interviews and only 2 places offered salary close to my worth. This place was one of them (the other place only had claims malpractice). I don't need all of the benefits - my husband works for an insurance company now and I get great benefits through him/them. I accepted the position but put in a counter for the pay that they quoted me. The place is closer than any of the other locations I've been looking, AND the staff were great and appreciate my skills already and have a deep appreciation for PAs in a VERY NP saturated (and NP-preferred) area. Plus the debt while looking for a job isn't fun, LOL! I couldn't not accept. That would just be stupid. Now I'm just waiting for them to accept/deny my wage counter, and then to get my contract to have it read by a legal rep. FINGERS crossed! Prayers going!
  7. I think it's all about WHERE you are and how long you've been working, not to mention the type of position. I can tell you from what offers I've seen that about $1500-2000 for CME seems to be the norm. And as far as vacation, PTO, holidays, and sick time - most employers are lumping alot of those together. For instance the urgent care clinic I recently looked at there were no holidays and you had 3 wks vacation that was rolled in with sick time because you worked longer hours and fewer days. I have the AAPA report, but sections of it feel incomplete as far as data and overlap of salary with experience, and then I also have the US bureau of labor statistics printout. If you click on the graphs they have on the website, they are interactive - hovering over your area displays the data for that area, which is helpful. They can't argue that the AAPA survey is wrong if you show them the US bureau of labor statistics matches the AAPA report. If your area data is available, hover your mouse over it in the "annual mean wage" chart that looks like a blue paper mache' project. (LOL) I took a screenshot with me! http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes291071.htm
  8. OK, so I got a wage quote from a big hospital HR after an interview. The OM presented it and even he didn't sound like he liked it and was worried I would walk. He gave me the quote, was unsure of OT and wage differential since I would be working evenings. He asked if I would even be willing to come back in and talk. I said I would welcome another visit with them. I figure, it's not an official offer because we haven't discussed any benefits or literally ANYTHING yet. So this wage quote pre-offer is throwing me off. At what point can I turn this into a negotiation? Also, how much have you seen for shift differentials for evenings (not overnights)? It would be nice to hear from others about those. I thought it's anywhere from $5 to 30% pay....
  9. Everyone I know first out of school as a PA has positions of AT LEAST 75K annual with benefits (average for primary care is 80-85K rural in TN). ALL of your offers seem low to me, and I'm in KY where the PA job market is just BAD.
  10. I had 2 phone interviews with one place before a "site visit" - first phone interview lasted 15 minutes, and the second was with the physicians of the practice and lasted 30 minutes. I was told I was going to have a site visit and they seemed very eager to hire me and made mention of wanting to rush hiring along. I arrived for my site visit and it turned into a full interview and tour and lasted AN HOUR......and they seemed to even have forgotten who I was..... ALWAYS assume it's an interview. You'll be better off for it.
  11. Mgriffiths, I appreciate your apology. and I definitely feel like I DID dodge that bullet! I have seen places that did the doormat shuffle like that and it's sickening because that person that leaves has been damaged by them.
  12. Reality Check, you get me!! We've been talking back in forth on the forums for some time. Thanks! 100% agree! I will send him a Thank you card to his office and decline. He's been looking for a while - I enjoy the thought that he will be looking for some time longer with an attitude like that!! I just pray that other new grads STAY AWAY! To mgriffiths: Did you READ or just scan my posting? How would you like for an interviewer to come to you almost an hour late with zero apology or recognition of wasted time, criticize your desire to work in a certain area, tell you your PA references (who have become not only professional colleagues, but FRIENDS) mean nothing to them and only a doctor is important to see YOUR worth, laugh at your presentation of AAPA salary ranges, and then tell you, VERBATIM, "I don't believe you," and brag to you how they managed to basically low-ball a new grad PA into their employ before you......? Yes, I definitely felt insulted, on multiple levels - professionally AND personally. This "interview" told me he doesn't value my time, doesn't care about my background, skill, OR experience as a PA, and in very few words managed to attack my friends, my credibility, and my worth and that of all PAs. All in a 10 minute conversation over the phone.
  13. How do you suggest that I make him realize he missed a professional? Just by sending the note of thanks? Or by mentioning something a certain way?
  14. Thanks everybody! And Rev Ronin, when I got off the call I thought about sending him the recommendations he asked for - cuz I can get them no problem - but then husband laughed at me and asked me WHY?! LOL - some odd obligation to be professional in spite of jerks like that, I guess. I'm still reminding myself that I am under no obligation to send him anything he asked me for since he had such a clear disregard for me, my skills, OR my credibility!
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