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  1. "She is a Practitioner and you are an Assistant," You nailed it!
  2. The physician is the owner not the NP. I am in Virginia.
  3. “Medicine is a retail business,” you are right. Now, the admin is working hard to find me an SP because 300+ of their patients urgently need a provider. Eventually, they will realize hiring an NP is better for the business. It is sad, but I don’t blame them.
  4. I have been PA for 24 years and have been proud to be PA. Since last week, I have been feeling ashamed and incompetent. This my story: In the last 8 plus years, I have been practicing in a private clinic with a physician who is also the owner and NP. Each of us has our panel of patients and dedicated MA. The practice is very busy but flexible (as a mother with a young child, this is very important to me). In additon, I am always allowed to practice to the full extent of my education and training. To make my story short, our physician’s license was put on restrictions ( because of some le
  5. Hi, Is there any PA who owns pain management or Buprenorphine treatment clinic? Thanks
  6. Does anybody know if there is a training program for those type of procedurea? Thanks in advance Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  7. Do PAs do pain management spine procedures such as epidural spinal injections and facet nerve blocks?
  8. I graduated from Pace Masters PA completion program about 4 yrs ago. It was 3 semesters long, 100% online and the cost was about $10,000. In my opinion, it was well designed program. Good luck
  9. Hi all, Has anyone worked for Veterans Evaluation Services as an independent contractor? If you did, what kind of agreement did you have with your SP? Thanks
  10. Thank you guys. Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  11. How do I find a lawyer who can review my employment contract before I sign it? Thanks
  12. Sorry, I am not understanding this. What you guys mean when you are saying #% of collections after 2X of your salary. I work with physiatrist as well. I get paid $95,000/yr with malpractice and health insurances, and 1 wk paid vacation. I have worked there three full years now, but not had any raise. I am planning to ask raise. What is fair, I am in Virginia? I do joint injections, trigger point injections, pain mangement with narcotic and referals. I see about 24 patiens a day. Thanks
  13. Has anyone done or known someone who completed the Fellowship Program that American Society of Bariatric Physicians offers?
  14. Thank you to all of your advices. Honestly, I have no specific purpose of getting Ph.D. except to advance my education. I was trying to get advice from those of you who hold Ph.d. to see if it is something worth to be achieved, and also if it is achievable while still working without sacrificing too much of family time. I am a mother of 3 young childern and working almost full time.
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