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  1. I'll be frank. It's possible you're bad at your job, but I think it's less likely if you have the insight to doubt your own decision making. It's more likely that you just hate the uncertainty that comes with this job and are burned out, which pretty much everyone who is a provider has experienced. The worst providers I've met all think they're fantastic. In reality they're dumb as fucking rocks. Lack of self confidence is not the same as incompetence, you need to make sure you're not shorting yourself.
  2. I'm learning the hard way. I never had this problem until I worked in medicine.
  3. You have be ready to walk. Normally i would be. My girlfriend lost her job and is on my health insurance so it's just bad timing and a kick in the balls.
  4. My job just did the same freaking thing. Actually, I just started 2 months ago, asked explicitly about call, nothing in my agreement about it and today they said it was a policy to take call. I wouldn't have even taken the job!I had another offer and would have taken it instead. I feel sick to my stomach this is only my second job and I just keep getting screwed over.
  5. Second job 15 to 18 pts per day Outpatient 9 to 5 Own panel of patients 97.5k 6 weeks pto sick cme Malpractice paid Licenses paid Decent health plan dental vision 700 cme Would be paired with an experienced PA since I'm coming from a specialty. I will ask for 1500 cme Overall Im pretty happy with this offer. Only concern is I haven't met yhe team yet only hr and medical director. Thoughts?
  6. Here is the whole story. I started at 85k with up to 10k per quarter in productivity bonus after first year. -Six months ago this was replaced with 95k base, 5k bonus. It would increase to 100k base the next year with 1-2 percent increases per year automatically. This was company wide for PAs. I was very happy. -However, NPs were paid 5-10k less. Our roles are the same.This information and the entire pay scale based on experience was released company wide. With simple arithmetic you knew everyone's salary. The NPs understandably started a small revolution. I had already signed the new offer and before the ink was dry they pulled it because of people's complaints. It was replaced three months later with 90k, bonus?, and no more increases automatically. That leads me to today where I'm scheduled up to 23 patients per day for 90k and a bonus for who knows what and no manager. After writing this down and reading your responses I think I'm just going to leave and not try to fix anything because it's way too broken at this point. I was mainly just scared of leaving and starting over again in a new specialty. Thank you for all your responses.
  7. I graduated a year ago and took a job in a surgical subspecialty, office based outpatient. Great manager, good pay, good incentive based on productivity. Six months ago they demoted the manager and replaced him with a physician(who I've seen twice) and got rid of the productivity incentive. I got a 5k raise in base after a prolonged battle but lost up to 25k from the incentive for the coming year. I'm currently seeing 20-23 patients a day five days a week. Because I have more openings than older providers, I sometimes see up to 8 emergency visits per day which is extremely taxing. I sent 3 people to be admitted last week they aren't all just simple acute visits. I was managing for awhile, but my ex-manager recently left the clinical practice and another PA has burned out and gone part time. I'm feeling completely at my limit at this point, and really hit a wall last week. I felt as though if I saw one more emergent I was going to break down in the office. Weekends aren't really recovering me for Monday like they used to. I've spoken up but I feel like I'm being gaslighted and I feel that they expect me to see even more patients in a day, some physicians see over 30 in a day. Is this just what it is to be a PA? Or are there better jobs out there?
  8. I have reached out and this is the end result of three months of renegotiations- pay cuts across the board. The HR department has told me I'm well under market and wasn't worried about sharing that since it had been freely released to us in June. Some midlevels are leaving the rest are close to retirement anyways. The company can't be salvaged I'm more or less wondering what I should ask for elsewhere.
  9. I signed on as a new grad in urology a year ago.outpatient no call or weekends. Original offer was 85k with bonus based on productivity. Up to 30k if you saw 20 patients per day on average. Good benefits. Month 8:agreements were redone company wide. New offer is 95k to 100k base in 3 years, 5k bonus, and cost of living adjustments.I signed and accepted. People had issues and this agreement was tOsseo a day later. Month 11: I'm given a new offer for 90k with 5k bonus. No increase with experience.no cost of living adjustment. I've been offered an additional one time 5k bonus because I said this was unacceptable. This is my first job as a new grad. I'm absurdly stressed out at this point just because of constant negotiations. What should an outpatient urology PA actually be making? I will likely leave a this point but I'd like an idea going forward.
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