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  1. Anyone know about BCP for th Army? I've only been able to find the information for physicians.
  2. No slots available OCONUS right now. I was hoping for Germany or Alaska, but I told him to send me where he needed me, knowing I'm a new grad. MAJ said Ft Hood and Ft Bliss need a lot of PAs because they're large bases and have a lot of units. I'd like to go OCONUS at some point if it becomes available.
  3. Fort Hood after BOLC! I really only had a choice of Fort Hood or Fort Bliss. I'm just happy to serve and get started!
  4. Yeah, I've figured that out. I did receive a civilian job offer (the salary really made me second guess the Army). I told my recruiter that I was going to take it if I did not have my orders for July BOLC within one week. The MAJ doing the PA assignments got in touch with me two days later and I will go BOLC and then on to Fort Hood in September. For some reason, there isn't a BOLC scheduled between March and July. July is the earliest I could start anyway. I appreciate the advice. I figured now was the best time to go active duty as I don't have any dependents or own a home. I did
  5. I appreciate the input from everyone. No state license is required for active duty PA, so I hadn't planned on getting one because my recuiter kept telling me I'd go to training "soon" and it costs about $300 here and takes about 3 months, so I didn't see the point. I looked into locum ED positions in the Midwest today and it sounds like I might be able to get something arranged for 3-4 months. I didn't think they'd be interested in a new grad, so I didn't bother contacting them after I took the PANCE in Jan (wish I had anyway!). I have been working on my CME and will certainly continue that.
  6. Yes, that's what I was trying to accomplish by meeting with the recruiter as soon as the Army would talk to me (6 months before graduation) and being persistent with my paperwork. I was doing everything on my part to get started STAT.
  7. Hi all, I've come to a crossroads and am wondering if someone had a similar experience or if military PAs could weigh in. I just graduated this past December and I started working with an Army recruiter as soon as I could last summer so my first PA job would be with the Army. I'm at the point now where I am just waiting for my orders to go to officer training. I was hoping this would happen by the March officer course, but it hasn't. My recruiter thinks I might be able to make the June 29th officer training, but of course no promises. My understanding is that I would start to do the medica
  8. Thanks for the advice. I'm really looking forward to all the educational opportunities the Army offers. No word on my first assignment as I'm still waiting for final approval of the scrolling process. Hopefully the process doesn't take too much longer because I am getting a bit restless waiting!
  9. Hi all, I graduated a few weeks ago and will take my PANCE next month. I'm joining the Army as active duty and was wondering if anyone had any advice for me. Just anything they wish they had known beforehand. Thank you!
  10. My USAF recruiter submitted my application kit for the 2 year HPSP last week. She called me this week to let me know that because I am in a 27 month program (Start Sep 2012, finish Dec 2014, on a quarter system), the USAF is counting the entire second year of the scholarship as the last three months of my program because that is the fall semester of a new academic year. So, instead of covering 24 months (8 quarters), they're telling me I am only eligible for coverage for 5 quarters (15 months), but they're still going to call it a 2 year scholarship and I am still required to do 3 years. I was
  11. Can you say the opposite of SpPIN and SnNOUT are true? If a specific test is negative, it rules out disease and if a sensitive test is positive, it rules in disease? If so, then don't the results tell you the same thing? Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere. I searched the forum and online and haven't found anything saying the opposite is true. It's been driving me nuts.
  12. Decide what you want in a program and look up every program in the country. The pre-reqs vary quite a bit, so that may narrow things down for you. Some programs require a lot of HCE, so that may also narrow things down.
  13. Aplly after you graduate and see what happens. If anything, it's good experience for the application process.
  14. Call the program and see what they say. You should be able to request your records from the clinic.
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