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  1. I also graduated in 2007. A lot of schools require that A&P and Microbiology are taken within the last 5 years. I took A&P in undergrad and got A+'s both semesters. I was hoping to re-take these after I was accepted and before I enrolled. Do you think that that will be okay? Thank you once again. Best, Verónica
  2. 3.78 GPA Biochemistry major (probably a higher science GPA)... 1260 GRE 4.5 verbal... what do you think are my chances of getting into PA school? Should I restudy and re-take my GRE for a higher score? Thank you, Verónica
  3. WOW!!! Why both? Isn't that super expensive? Did you want to be eligible for both residencies or something? I have been looking into residencies as a motivator into which direction to take with my career. Do they usually only take one or the other or do some accept both? What about fellowships? Does it matter which boards you took for fellowships? Thank you once again for all your help Primadonna... you are great! :-) I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers but I have a feeling you are going to do awesome regardless. Best, Verónica
  4. Primadonna, are you taking both the USMLE and COMPLEX exams?
  5. Hey Primadonna... Have you started studying for your board exams for DO school? Do you think that the DO program prepares you well for the exam? Did your PA program prepare you for your PANCE? Do you take practice boards in your courses or as part of your programs? Thank you once again for all your help. Verónica
  6. I think is one can do well in PA school they can do well in the full medical school as well. Does anyone disagree with me? Has anyone had any experience with the USMLEs? How do the USMLEs compare with PANCE?
  7. I hear you... I am confused too. One second I am so sure that PA/MPH is the way I want to go but then I hear about problems with the PA profession and I am back to studying for the MCAT and trying to get into medical school again.
  8. Let us know what you decide to do. :-)
  9. Why do you feel like you are unable to get into medical school? Your GPA is great and you seem to have a lot going for you. I think you just need good MCAT scores and you should be a competitive candidate.
  10. What types of part-time jobs are you working? What DO school do you go to? How long were you a PA before you started DO school? What type of specialty do you want to go into?
  11. Thanks for your opinion vaston. What type of PA are you? I want to go into primary care. I read this study and it made PA school seem like the way to go for me: http://faculty.som.yale.edu/keithchen/papers/GenderNPV_WorkingPaper.pdf What do you think someone who is a little older? 27 year old female should do. I am 5 years out of undergrad and I would like to start a family but based on what you suggested I might as well do DO/MD school because I will end up working the same amount of hours anyways. Thank you so much for your insights. I need to do some more shadowing I suppose.
  12. Hey everyone, I am really interested in the PA/MPH dual degree program and I recently came across this article and I thought I would share it with others who might be interested. http://www.unmc.edu/alliedhealth/docs/Assessing_value_dual_PA_MPH_training.pdf
  13. Wow this is great. I wonder if there are other schools that are similar to this.
  14. Primadonna22274, thank you for speaking the truth. I really needed to hear that. I keep on hearing that PAs learn 80% of what MD/DOs learn. I really wanted a more accurate assessment of this. I want to do primary care and I have read Yale's study which suggests that PA is the way to go for females but if I am really not going to have the training and the knowledge of an MD/DO maybe I should just study for the MCAT and try to get into medical school again. Are you in a bridge from PA to DO program? The only thing that bothers me is the hours and length of training. Do you think MD/DOs work more than PAs in primary care? As a future wife/mother, I would only like to work 4 days per week at maximum. Especially, when my kids are young. I also really want to get an MPH in addition to my health care provider degree. Either during school or in my residency/fellowship. How far along are you in DO school? Thank you once again. Verónica
  15. Hi, I may be making this up but I thought that PAs and MD/DOs take the same classes together in medical school. Is this true? If so, can someone provide me with the source of information. I want to go into primary care (preventative medicine, internal medicine, family practice, pediatrics) and I am trying to figure out what is the best profession for myself. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Verónica
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