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  1. your reasons could be valid and make all the sense in the world but from what i've learned is that if they dont wanna give you a raise, they wont give you a raise.
  2. no but are you and tugboat mcgee republican blowhards? #triggered i'll revise, cut defense by 99% and donate CJ and tugboats salary to help cover defense.
  3. I'd cut defense by 80%, give half of the those savings to CDC and the other half to PA's
  4. Money is my motivating factor and has kept me happy for the past 7 years. Let's stop with the condescending tone of the money factor. To each their own.
  5. Use them to throw around ridiculous numbers until one of them might actually agree, such as " oh yeah i'm interested in that job, but I want all weekends off, no call, 6 weeks vacation and 180K......part time." Some may just stop calling if they know you'll ef with them, as opposed to constantly politely decline.
  6. i don't do anything besides do what the doc says in that case. If i wanted to be a doc and call the shots i would have went to medical school. They're our supervisors, thats how it is.
  7. i never do it, not worth any liability or risking my license. PA school was the hardest thing in my life and have waaay too many expenses now to risk losing my profession.
  8. 100% against any legislation for allowing concealed carry.
  9. I never start any psych meds. I just refer to psych. People need mental health counseling first and I'm not a psychologist.
  10. everyone i work with gives 2 weeks. 4 weeks if you wanna be nice
  11. I'm looking for suggestions for PANRE review textbooks. I'd like to buy one or two and I've seen a bunch on amazon. Any particular one seem to correlate well with exam material for those who have used them?
  12. curious if any of these medical issues affect something like PANCE/PANRE testing, aka if you have IBS/inflammatory bowel and have to use the bathroom every hour , do they accommodate ?
  13. my opinion is if you like it busy then leave. Give another PA a chance who wants a chill schedule and SP. There's plenty of PA's who would love your set up.
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