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  1. Hi! My name's Kasey and I'm about to start Concordia University Wisconsin's PA Program this May. They are letting me do my rotations back here in California! :) However, I need to find potential preceptors for my school to contact and begin setting up my clinical schedule. Either our program director or clinical director will be flying out to California to meet with my preceptors. My rotations will not be until the latter part of 2014 through the first half of 2015. Does anyone have any suggestions or any advice on how to find PA's or MD's willing to preceptor me in the Southern California and
  2. Dr. Heinan said that there will be a rep selling a pre-prepared bundle of medical supplies for us to buy at the beginning of the semester! She said we can buy additional stuff like a stethoscope (what I originally asked her about) but I'm assuming it's probably not necessary.
  3. Oops.. Kathy is still out of the office! I emailed Dr. Heinan. I'll keep ya posted!
  4. I emailed Kathy awhile ago, but she was out of the office for awhile. I'm going to re-send the email right now and I'll let you know what she says!
  5. Does anyone remember what they said about medical supplies? I don't know if I'm mixing it up with a different school... are we buying it as a pre-prepared package when we get there the first week or are we just buying things separately from various sources? I started looking for stethoscopes :)
  6. Congrats Krista and Sarah!!! :) Thanks Krista for starting a new thread! Looks like we're all not from the area AND all bringing our pups with us... I'm struggling to find a place as well. I'm thinking about flying out there possibly late March if I can afford the trip and if I still haven't found anything yet. So excited to meet you all!!!
  7. sdave6 - i was in the first interview group but i got the info from CUW's pa program's page: http://www.facebook.com/ConcordiaPA pow15 - thanks! avoiding milwaukee traffic sounds like a very smart plan!
  8. Sarah - yay congrats!!! :) I'm in a similar boat! I'm bringing my dog with me and he's a 65 lb lab mix so i need a ground floor condo/apartment too! I've been lightly searching for awhile and there are definitely apartments that take pets (some up to 75lb) but they're closer to Milwaukee (about 10 or so miles from school). I'm hoping to get a place to myself for me and my dog, but it would be ideal to live really close to my classmates for study groups and stuff! sdave6 - last I heard they have filled 12 spots, 18 remaining! good luck!!
  9. Congrats Wes797! I'll be seeing you there in May! Were you in the Oct 27 group?
  10. You're welcome! There were 16 of us total and we were split into four groups for the small group portion (campus tour/pa classroom tour/financial aid session/actual interview). I think someone said that they try to cap each interview day to 16 students but I could be wrong.
  11. Hi guys! My name's Kathleen, but I go by Kasey! Congrats on getting an interview! I had my interview in October and it was really fun! I flew out all the way from California so I definitely didn't know the area (I feel ya Sarah!!)! I stayed at the Best Western near campus. Concordia's campus is gorgeous!! The faculty is awesome and you can tell that they are sooo excited to kick off this program! The interview day follows that itinerary pdf we got emailed to us: breakfast, main talk all together, group activities (one rotation is the actual interview), lunch, wrap-up session! The interview it
  12. Yay!!!!! I got accepted as well!! Thanks agregory00, michael palmer, sybilleb and others for the advice on here! It really helped! :) Soooooo excited!!!!!
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