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  1. Thanks for replying! No, I haven't received anything.
  2. Question for those who know your status (Accepted, Rejected, Waitlisted): Does your myketchum.edu show your current status? I've heard nothing, and mine still says I'm in the Interview Phase. Thanks!
  3. I still haven't received an email. Is anyone else still waiting? I checked my MyKetchum portal and it says I'm in the Interview phase. Thanks!
  4. Did you receive the email today? Thanks
  5. Thanks for sharing this. I just checked my MyKetchum account, and it says I'm in the "Interview" stage. Hoping for an email yet today
  6. Congratulations! Do you remember, from prior years, the timing of when waitlist and rejection emails were sent after the acceptance calls? Thanks
  7. I interviewed on the 18th. They said they'd let us know the first two weeks of February
  8. I also got a call! I'll be interviewing on March 11 Has anyone heard how many they interview?
  9. I interviewed today. They are also interviewing next Saturday, and they said they'd send out emails the first or second week of February
  10. Hi Chris, I'm also interviewing at 9AM on the 18th. See you soon - Mike
  11. Thank you! I think the writing's on the wall for me

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