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  1. I hadn't planned on it - my thinking is asking might reflect badly on me.
  2. My letter came today. I've been waitlisted. They say they prefer not to reveal waitlist rankings.
  3. Congratulations! Did you get a phone call too?
  4. For those of you who got accepted, congratulations! How much time do you have to put down a seat deposit? Thanks
  5. You and me both! But they're close to the end of their day, unfortunately.
  6. Count me in! And is it just me, or is all the waiting just brutal?
  7. They said phone calls? They just told us letters and said we could hear next week.
  8. Hi Kinstonc - I'm in the 9 AM group. What about you?
  9. Hi! I know they are interviewing three days next week. Are those the only interview days? Thanks
  10. Question for those who know your status (Accepted, Rejected, Waitlisted): Does your myketchum.edu show your current status? I've heard nothing, and mine still says I'm in the Interview Phase. Thanks!
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