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  1. Hello all! I'll be interviewing on the 16th. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  2. Thank you! I missed that. In my reject email, they said we could ask for feeback, so I was thinking it might be sooner.
  3. Has anyone who didn't get an interview - and requested feedback - heard from from the school? Thanks!
  4. I also received my reject email today. I knew it was coming, but it still stings. Best of luck to all of you with your interviews!
  5. I haven't heard anything either. Does anyone know how they've pulled people in from waitlists in the past? Thanks
  6. Me too! They say they look at candidates holistically, but I'm seeing a lot of very high GPAs
  7. Congratulations to all of you who have interviews! I didn't hear anything today, which is bumming me out.
  8. Hi Sandi, This is great information! Thank you. It sounds so much more manageable than hearing you're in class 8 - 5 five days /week. I do have a few questions: - What happens during Exam Review? How often are exams? - What is your school / life balance like? I know there's a huge amount of material to learn, but I'm wondering if you're still able to find time for yourself. - Do you have opportunities to work with real pts before the clinical year? - What type of community events have you been doing? - Are there Interprofessional Education opportunities? Thank you! Mike
  9. Hi Sandi, Thanks for the offer! I was able to attend an open house last fall and was very impressed with everyone I met and all that I heard. Mike
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