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  1. Hi Kortney, Thanks! I appreciate your willingness to share this information with me. And best of luck to you on the 2nd! Mike
  2. Question for the folks who have already interviewed (and I apologize if this has been asked and answered): How long should I plan for the interview? I need to ask off the time from work. Thanks!
  3. I also received my invite on the 26th, and I accepted earlier today. A few hours later I received an email that's an RSVP to my acceptance of the interview invite.
  4. I received an interview invitation today. I'm very happy!
  5. I received an email today saying I've been waitlisted! I interviewed on September 26.
  6. Congratulations! When did you interview?
  7. Thanks! And best of luck on the interview
  8. Hi everyone! I received an interview invitation yesterday; it's on September 26. For those of you who have interviewed, what was the general feel of the process? Thanks!
  9. Congratulations to everyone accepted and waitlisted! I've also been put on the waitlist.
  10. I interviewed this year. What I wrote is what Ms Martin told us during her presentation. I don't know if all calls were made today - I hope not!
  11. For those who didn't get accepted, letters will be sent in the next two weeks or so, saying whether you were Not Selected or Waitlisted
  12. It was good. It's not a high-stress situation. All the faculty and staff worked hard to make us feel comfortable.
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