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  1. wow that figures!! The problem is..there's only one guy around my area. Guess Ill have to try to reach him via phone. Also, I heard people saying "apply early". How early is early? I am still taking pre-req classes right now and still need to get some HCE hours in too. Should I apply right before I send in my CAPSA apps for schools? One last question, do I need to apply through a recruiter only? Or is there a way for me to apply otherwise? I know navy also has HPSP program too. I am contemplating between AF or Navy. I was just leaning towards AF more because I have a family member who was in the AF. Thanks!!
  2. Hi guys!! I am currently a pre-pa taking some pre-req classes. Recently I've been interested in Air Force HPSP. I looked online for a "healthcare profession" recruite and emailed him couple of days ago asking for more information. However, I haven't heard anything from him yet. Should I call him or just wait? In the mean time, can you guys give me some insight on how to apply, the process or even share your experiences?? Thanks so much!!
  3. Hello, Anyone know a PA I can shadow in LA county or OC county in CA?? Thanks...
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