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  1. I am not one of those "fortunate" people as well. Although I am so happy I got in, the thought of being in so much debt scares me. Everyday I tell myself too, it will be worth it.
  2. Congratulation! May I ask where you got hired? I am starting school this year and ct surg is the field I want to get into! Thx!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. First of all, I want to say that I am very thrilled to have gotten into PA school. I can't wait till July when I start school. Now, I figured I come back to reality and really see how much I will owe. Yesterday I sat down and after punching in some numbers, I got a lot more than I expected. I got into a school in NYC (27 months). The tuition with fees, books, and supplies, the total was around 88k. As for the living expenses, with rent, utilities, transportation, and food, I figured $2000 per month (is this too little?). After 27 months, the total will be 142k!! Is this reasonable? I was expecting 100k total but I guess I was wrong. I have 25k from undergrad so with everything together, I will be in lots of debt. Is this the norm? For those of you in school, did you take out 100% of tuition and living expenses in loans? Help!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I'm also thinking of Brooklyn area. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. I tried to start one but I need to add people in there when I start. So, if you guys can pm me your email, I will add you as a friend on FB and then start a page.
  6. Does anyone know exactly when we start? I know its sometime in July. I haven't received any other emails yet. Also, should we start our own FB page? I remember during interviews that Brent usually makes a FB page and will send us the link. However, I think the students also had their own "private" ones. And...I also need a roomie too!!
  7. Thanks for all your comments. Just an update...After several revisions and having docs, pas, and others read my ps, I decided to keep my opening statement. So far, I got interview invites from 6 schools and got accepted to 2. On one of my interview, i asked them about my opening statement, and she actually thought it was a good opener. Got their attention. I felt that experience was a huge reason why i decided to change careers and i wanted to tell my story.
  8. Just got my hard copy in the mail today!
  9. Just wanted to start a new thread for those of you who got accepted and attending! Im so excited to move to NY (coming from CA). LMK if anyone is looking for housing too. Also, did anyone receive the actual hard copy via mail? I sent in the deposit but havent received any emails or mail yet. Hope to meet you guys soon~
  10. intervied 10/23 and received my an acceptance email today!!!!! im so excited!!!!
  11. I know its still early..but if anyone hears from 11/21 interview, please let me know!!
  12. Nothing too..maybe Monday? I literally took my phone everywhere today
  13. I talked to Bret and he said they are going to send out decision email by end of tomorrow. Have to wait 1 more day....guess i won't be sleeping tonight! So nervous!!
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