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  1. I just got in to pcom (off the wait list) and i was wondering if anyone needed a roomate/subleaser anything!!!Also, any suggestions on where to live??? (i know i do not have a lot of time) Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  2. How many students have been accepted for the Fort Myers campus?? I interview on December 1st and am pretty nervous!!
  3. anyone accepted yet?!? I got waitlisted, but I still have hope!
  4. anyone accepted yet?!? I got waitlisted, but I still have hope!
  5. winterallsummer, You are right, this is a great great school!! I was so impressed with the structure and everything about it. This program seems to be tough, but I definately feel you would be prepared to go out in the real world. I hope we both get in too!
  6. hey winterallsummer, I interview Friday and was just wondering if this was a one on one interview or group? I am sure I am really going to love this school as well. Also, did they tell you when you would know by? Good luck!
  7. I submitted my supplemental mid-August, applied end of July
  8. Hi CTL,

    I assume that from your posts that you are also interviewed in MCPHS-Manchester recently. I was interviewed on Sep19th. I have not received any letter from them yet. Did you get your mail? Please do not mind asking me this, I am just anxious.


  9. For everyone accepted so far, would you mind sharing your stats? I just interviewed so now it is the waiting game fo me
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