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  1. I will be attending Marquette as well! I will be coming from Michigan so I'm not really sure where to live either. I am so excited to meet everyone!! Cant wait for August!
  2. Recieved my acceptance today! I interviewed on Nov 11th. So happy!! :)
  3. Interviewing on Nov 11th in the morning session!
  4. I submitted my CASPA on June 20th and sent in my supplemental shortly after that.
  5. I got an email invitation for an interview today. It said to call the program to set up a date and time.
  6. I received my acceptance letter today in the mail. I interviewed on August 21st.
  7. Mailing my deposit in today, so excited! Congrats to everyone and good luck to those waiting to hear!
  8. I just received my acceptance via email!! So excited! I interviewed on 9/20 with the 8 am group.
  9. I got the same email as well today and I have already interviewed. There was nothing there when I tried to log in to MyLIU. So confusing!
  10. I received an interview invitation yesterday afternoon for September 20th. I submitted my application around late may/early june.
  11. Did you receive the interview invitation through the mail or email?
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