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  1. I'm curious, were you offered this position during your ortho rotation or a connection through rotations/school/etc.? Or did you apply outright for it? thanks.
  2. Hang in there everyone, if you interviewed on the 28th you probably will hear until this Friday. It took over a week and a half for my interview group to hear. I know how tough of a process it is, good luck to you all.
  3. I just received an acceptance letter for Jan. 2012 start! I'm looking for a roommate if anyone is interested? There are a lot of nice apartments within a 5 mile radius where a 2 bedroom is very reasonably priced. Let me know if anyone else has been accepted and wants to get going on looking for a place. Facebook me, Brian Reger (West Virginia University)
  4. brookspa, How many hours do you work as an ER PA? And where do you practice? I am applying to PA programs this summer, so of course my perspective is limited, but I use to volunteer in the ER and it seemed as if PAs had a lot of autonomy and enjoyed their work. And yes, nursing is a difficult position to be in, I want to be a surgical PA, which I don't think there is any other position out there as good as PA right now..
  5. I think this is a great post, I recently struggled with the idea of MD vs. PA. I am a non-traditional student who graduated with a business degree in 2006. I worked for a year and absolutely hated the options available to me. I was also going through a personal transformation of loosing 100 pounds during this time. It's when I decided to return to school and take pre-med courses to apply for med school. I then decided to do a master's degree with a focus on cardiovascular research. I really wanted to understand this part of medicine, and with my interest in health prevention and cardiovascular diseases it was a great fit. I am now finishing up my first year and just started my PA application. I took the MCAT last summer and decided in September of 2010 that the MD career was not a fit for me. I have shadowed a lot of PAs, mostly in cardiology and cardiothoraic surgery. I am extremely confident that the PA is a much better fit for what I hope to accomplish both professionally and personally. I just couldn't see myself doing 4 years of med school followed by 7 of a surgical residency. I value a balanced lifestyle, but am really passionate about work that interests me. As a PA I feel that I can accomplish everything I want to and still earn a good living. It's honestly never been about the money, if it was I would have just gotten my MBA and rubbed elbows with the finance diehards. And if a person can't be happy earning a six-digit income (possible as a surgical PA) than you're never going to be happy. The schedule and on the job stress level is much lower than that of a CT MD. And you still play a very integral part of the healthcare team. Any job is what you make of it, there are always going to be people who complain just for the sake of having something to talk about. If you navigate your education and career moves correctly than everything will work out. Another important reason for selecting PA school was observing how happy PAs are compared to doctors. I also have an interest in the education/preventative side of medicine. As a PA you get more face time and a better opportunity to possibly influence the decisions of your patients. I was never a person who could be happy doing solely one thing. And as a surgical resident, it'd be impossible to pursue other avenues; writing, teaching, etc.
  6. I've attached a list I've been working on for PA schools. These are the ones that I've been interested in to this point. I've gone through probably 70% of the schools. I am currently working on a master's degree in exercise physiology. I have compiled close to 500 hours of research, mostly human-based. On my excel sheet, under research...if it says yes it is the schools that will accept my research for direct patient contact hours. Also, I am a cardiac monitor technician at the hospital, where I'll have around 1,000 hours by mid-may in the past 8 months for my application. Most programs will also accept this. I've emailed all schools with the same questions, and the ones yet to return the email (I sent out 2 days ago on Friday) are left blank. I've had a really positive response from most schools, which is exciting. The following is the email I send out, just to give you guys a few details on the type of research I'm doing and what they are accepting. Good Morning, I am currently in the master's program of Exercise Physiology at West Virginia University. Following completion of my thesis (Spring 2012) I will be entering a Physician Assistant program. The strength of the program at the University of New Mexico is of great interest to me. The reason for my writing you is to determine whether or not the hours of direct-patient care experience can be satisfied through the research I am currently conducting in the program. Our main focus is to determine the effects of metabolic syndrome on the arterial and cardiac system during rest, and most importantly exercise. This is human based research, where I work several hours a week with patients including; 1) screening for the study 2) A three hour round of tests (blood draws, radial tonometry to measure pressure waves, ultrasound, VO2 max stress test) 3) 8-week exercise program, each participant works for 3 hours each week Also, I am working at the hospital 20 hours a week as a Cardiac Monitor Technician. This does not involve in depth patient contact. However, It does provide me with a great opportunity to increase my knowledge and skills in a healthcare setting. I look forward to hearing from your program and visiting the campus in the near future. Thank you for your assistance, Brian Good luck everyone! PA Schools.doc
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