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  1. i recently enrolled for the one semester bridge to masters program. Ive been a PA-C for 6 months working full time in Family Medicine and curious to find out anybody elses experience. Any thoughts?
  2. Just a heads up for all those concerned about the masters thing, MDC now offers a bridge (example if you have your BS prior to starting program you can finish with masters via partnership they have during clinical year with St Francis University). For those without a 4 year degree, they also offer a B.S. after you graduate with a two semester accelerated masters program.
  3. Word to the wise....posting derogatory stories on forum's is not a good way to make friends, especially when instructors and interviewers frequent them.
  4. Might wanna double check yer facts there Pete, althoughNP's will become a doctorate program, anyone with a masters will begrandfathered in and will continue to practice and keep licensure with justthat (and I believe it’s not until 2014/2015 not 2013). Additionally there isno bridge program at MDC with Nova. There is an option to complete your BS atMDC after graduation should you choose, and there MAY be a bridge programonline with FIU if you would like to pursue your masters in 2015. I know manygraduates who are successful PA's with their AS from MDC and the whole purposebehind getting your masters isn’t for increasing your earning potential, it’sfor increasing your knowledge. Many students I know already have their mastersin another field, and many more pursue masters in other health fields such asnutrition and epidemiology, not necessarily PA studies. At a two year total ofunder 30K, one would be hard-pressed to find another program at better value.Nothing in life is perfect, but I truly believe that it’s not the school thatmakes the PA, it’s the individual. It rings particularly true that you get outof the program what you put into it. On a lighter note, congratulations tothose admitted for c/o 2014!
  5. The coverage will vary depending on school and your state residency. The yellow ribbon covers up to a maximum, but any state school will cover you in full most cases, however your benefits (BAH, book stipend, etc) will be effected. Additionally with the new 9/11 bill the student will no longer receive the difference of funding minus actual costs, that money goes back to the VA. Long story short, if you get a scholarship or grant you have to use that or the VA, you can NOT use both simaltaneously as opposed to the old 9/11 bill where the student who earned a scholarship or grant could utilize those funds for living expenses in addtion to BAH. The $1000.00 annual stipend for books and supplies also is prorate in this new system, thus meaning that your 1k will have to last you three semesters. Hope this helps
  6. circuit man, think you are supposed to have a comma before etc. Regardless perhaps it'd be wise to invest more time on studying for entrance exam as opposed to trivial corrections of others on a forum. Best of luck to everyone, hope to see some of yal on yer test dates!
  7. circuit man, think you are supposed to have a comma before etc. Regardless perhaps it'd be wise to invest more time on studying for entrance exam as opposed to trivial corrections of others on a forum. Best of luck to everyone, hope to see some of yal on yer test dates!
  8. the med term in last exam was pretty basic and broad (ie: rhinitis means what) but personally I just went to a barnes and nobles, sat down with a couple of med term books and went through them page by page and focused on prefixes and the roots of the words. This was a good review for me as I took med term over ten years ago, however if you havnt had it in the past then I would reccomend a review book or online practice. Hope this helps, best of luck! Christian
  9. Looking for a preceptor to accept a minimum of 3 PA students for rotations in the clinical setting for 8-10 week rotations for the next two years. If interested please respond! Christian Atkins BS, PA-S ( MDC c/o 2013)
  10. Looking for a preceptor to accept a minimum of 3 PA students for rotations in the clinical setting for 8-10 week rotations for the next two years. If interested please respond! Christian Atkins BS, PA-S ( MDC c/o 2013)
  11. I apologize for the obvious insult you have taken by my posts CJ, however the gossip comment was not directed to you. Additioanlly I never disagreed with you that a higher degree would make you a more attractive candidate in the job market, but I assume that would go without saying for most professions. While no system is perfect, I wont deny that I am pro-MDC and perhaps you are correct that my opinion may be biased because of the fact that I am a student at the school. As a veteran with the medical background but not necessarily the competitive GPA, I sat with advisors prior to applying to the program to find out what I would need to do to make myself more attractive, and while I had opportunities at other universities, I feel that MDC's mission and location make it an ideal fit for me personally and perhaps for others with the similar values and situation as myself. Again to the gossip comment, I state it because not all posts here are accurate and as someone who's in the program I think those who are applying next year would be interested to know the opionions from this vantage point. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I think those who want to continuously bash MDC's program via negative posts seem disgruntled as there are countless more productive paths to expressing ones discontent with MDC (ie: writing your state rep or senator or the education board as they are the ones who dictate much of the funding to the program) rather than post on a web forum for a program that they are obviously not interested in applying to. This site is designed for future PA's applying to MDC, and while I may not be able to religiously jump on here and comment on every post, I hope that by doing so when I can I help those who are applying for next year. That being said, I hope everyone has a wonderful new year and good luck to applicants of 2014! Christian
  12. I find it curious that there are so many posts on this particular forum being critical of MDC's program considering this is designed to help inform future students in making the most informed decision. While I believe that in order to make the best informed decision one should listen to all sources, perhaps it is most important to consider who those sources are. That being said, for someone who says they are re-applying this year JP I am suprised you continue to hold the program in such negative regards, and whats more I find it very unbecoming to spread such gossip on a forum before even being admitted to the program. CJ I blelieve the grandfather rule is being across the board in many professions, such as NP's who actually have a date set for when higher education with be required. I am not against furthering ones education in the medical realm, however I do believe that the degree doesnt make the medical practitioner, the knowledge and clinical skills do. I have yet to find a graduate of the program that has said the program was an overall negative experience. My advise for those applying in the future is to talk to current students and graduates before letting the opinions and rumors started by others lead you in the wrong direction. Happy hollidays to all, best of luck for those applying in 2012! Christian
  13. cj i believe you are misinformed. You are not required to have a master nor BS to work in any state as a PA. In fact, the only thing that matters is the C at the end of PA that entitles you to work. Having a batchelors or masters degree does not impact your ability to work. That being said, a good portion of the 2013 class at MDC has bachelor degrees already; additionally if you already have a MS in say underwater basket weeving, your can just as well put MS at end of your title should you wish after PA-C. The BS or MS is merely an acknowledgement of your education level, not what the education is in.
  14. financial aid will be based on your taxes for the year. Therefore it will vary, however the program does offer scholarships, five this year which covers full tuition for two years although there are some conditions attatched to it. In addition, the health science college offers more scholarships in the amount of 1250 a semester based off financial need I believe. Hope this helps, Christian
  15. I agree with PAMAC that the situation of someone with a low GPA may be harder than one with a higher GPA, however my point is simply that GPA is not the end all when applying. Obviously if someone has a low GPA and low grades are recent, then the individual obviously isnt prepared for PA school, but if it was in the past with a valid explanation or the person has demonstrated a committment to academia recently (more than just one semester), I think there is something to be said. As someone who got into PA school without the 4.0 GPA over some of those that did, I merely want to point out that it is possible and perseverance and determination is the key. I myself was told by multiple people that it was likely a waste of time to apply or that I couldnt (including faculty at various institutions) however dilligance paid off. Be as proactive as possible, and although it is important to be realistic with expectations, there is nothing wrong with having an optimistic attitude. Good to see ya still on JP, will try and peak in now and then on forum to offer any advise if possible between studying.
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